Saturday, December 15, 2012

CleanRom 3.01 Released 12/15/12

I don't always post about new TF700 Infinity ROMs but I decided I should on this since its the standard stock based TF700T ROM right now and the dev has just set up a new forum so my old links won't work. Mirror  forum post

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Friday, December 14, 2012

S.T. Dupont Linge 1 Review / ST Dupont Special Edition Lighter Review

ST Dupont Lighter Review

I've loved S.T. Dupont Lighters since I was in college.  I bought one for my sister for her wedding which I eventually returned and bought her one of those jewelled globes you get in the west indies.  Back to the subject.

This is a Perspective 2000 Limited Edition S.T. Dupont in Palladium.  I bought it in Bordeaux France during 2005 for 212 euro, not a bad price at all! 

The lighter's top flings open after initial resistance, ST Dupont knows exactly what men like, with a satisfying cling.  You light it by flicking the round corner away from you with your thumb.  Flame adjustment is on top and if the top is open it is burning fuel. If the top is down and you hear a slight hiss it is leaking.

The ST Dupont "classic"  line/linge are not wind resistant but they do provide one of the cleanest lighting experiences available.   The lighter itself feels like a solid piece of Palladium and is beautifully machined.   They are gorgeous and function well, albeit a bit thirsty.  If you find something you like for a good price I'd get it. 

2013 Porsche Boxster S 981 Pictures

Only Porsche practically doubles the price of the same model within 10 years.  Lets see if its worth it:

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Omega Dynamic Review

Omega's Dynamic is an old school watch. It's pretty well built and keeps really good time.  I bought an Omega Dynamic Chrono when I was 12 and since then it keeps time better then my COSC watches. 

In the 16 years I've owned it one of the chrono push button has broken but overall the brushed steel with sapphire construction has held up quite well.  I've never serviced it and I notice a gain or loss of about 3 seconds per day vs atomic time keeping methods.   It's about 40mm and is more accurate than any other automatic I've seen but I've heard the Sub C is awesome at +/- 1/3 second per day. 


SOG Forge Review


This will be the first blade review on the site.  I'll also review some Japanese Chef Knives some of which are amazing and some suck. So hopefully I can help drive an informed decision on a niche product.

12/12/12 - Just got this beautiful knife yesterday so I can only provide initial thoughts which I'll do and then follow up as needed.

The SOG Forge was introduced in 2011 and its listed as a related item to SOGs ultra-premium Kiku knife on, which shows in the hammered design cues, blade style, and handle.  I'd rather have a Kiku but the SOG Forge seems like a more reasonable alternative.  The SOG can be had for around $178-300 with a median price of $200. 

Overall the knife is solid with a full tang 10.87" x .2" slab of VG-10 on a hand machined blade.  Supersharp out of the box and well oiled. The VG-10 san mai made in SEKI prefecture blade is a very good stainless steel that gets very sharp easily and stays that way.  As far as the knife goes it seems like a 10/10 or very close.  Strong workable blade, supersharp, well balanced in multiple holds.  Compared to a SOG SEAL 2000 the blade is about an inch and a half shorter (~.5" of the SOG SEAL Blade is not a cutting surface), the Forge's blade actually seems thicker, but they are different knives.  The Forge is more of a fine knife, the SEAL 2000 is more of a tool that you'd use to cut line out of your props or put a hole in a Mercedes without inflicting damage to the blade, handle or tip.  I'm not saying the SOG Forge knife wouldn't be good for that but I wouldn't want to find out either.   The SOG Forge makes the SEAL 2000's AUS-6A  seem dull.  The one area where the SOG SEAL 2000 is hands down better is the sheath which is surprising.
Sog Forge Sheath

The SOG Forge sheath is well made out of beautiful leather; however, the strap that secures the knife naturally rubs off the sharpness of the blade as you unsheath it.  It's unfortunate because otherwise this thing is perfect.  I'd encourage SOG to spend a bit more and use the original Forge Sheath pictured on or re-engineer the sheath strap -- its just going to fail in time and compromise the performance of the blade in the interim.  You can remove the blade without touching the retaining strap if you utilize the utmost care but your probably not going to pay attention if you need to use the knife.

Update 1: Added product links to buy from Amazon for the first time.  Due to price fluctuations they aren't always the cheapest but I've found they always have the best service and a great informational resource as well.  I do not write paid reviews, and I do not write reviews to sell things: I hope adding product links enhances user experience and if you want to support this blog please do use these links to buy or research.  Thanks!

Update 12/14/12: Prayers go out to Fairfield County CT Shooting. As far as the SOG goes I now keep the sheath sitting on top of the strap and knife out of the sheath to help it get out of the way of the blade. I've also done some paper tests and the blade is sharp but too thick to be awesome at this test. It sliced through box and tape material with a minimal amount of smooth effort. I then decided to top the knife off, so to speak, and the blade sharpens incredibly well. I thought it was sharp out of the box, its not.  Its my sharpest blade and thats comparing it to Aogomi Super Steel and Hattori pieces as well as traditionally forged vintage Japanese katanas. 

Update 1/31/13:  Just wanted to say great job to the 2012 Redskins and that if you place this knife on a table the handle keeps the blade completely off the table.  The blade sharpens very well and its easy to get a sticky sharp lasting blade.  It's a great material for a knife this size and so far it is nice but I do get the occasional scratch on the shiny finish of the blade which could be buffed out but it is a knife.

Monday, November 19, 2012

CleanRom done for TF700T?

Since initially writing about Scott's cleanrom for the tf700 there have been an influx of good roms including official CM nightlies and cross transformer Roms which have become much more useful.  The bad news it seems is that there are unconfirmed reports that Scott has discontinued TF700T support.  There have been developers who have picked up from his work but it is yet to be seen how it stacks up to one of the original TF700T stock based optimized Roms, Scott's CleanRom. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Slow TF700 Try using XDA brewed OC Kernel

A pretty good kernel that overclocks GPU and CPU (maybe other stuff too?).  It does make the Infinity feel smoother overall, and games are more fluid  I currently run 2.3 this kernel and Brower2Ram and it runs really well. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Overclock TF700, Overclock TF700T GPU

The development keeps coming for the TF007.  this shit is sick.  You flash it like zip and it makes your 007 fly by ramping your GPU and other esoteric acronyms up across the board.  It's also rock solid in terms of stability.  It might be more stable than stock, which I don't quite understand but I'm not upset.  Let's try to understand it for a second.  I think these speeds were specified as targets for upcoming Tegra 3 chips as the 1800MHz was originally included in the TF700 kernel as 1.6Ghz was included in the Tf201. 

All credit goes to Clemsyn who is apparently such a ninja he doesn't even have the device.

I got 15000 in antutu with the 2.2 version on clean rom.  

Monday, October 22, 2012

Slow Asus Infinity tf700? Try Data2SD

If you're reading this then you already know, the tf700 I/O performance is terrible.  fordwolden on XDA has released a tool to move the Data partition off of the slow internal memoy and on to faster MicroSD memory.

This is more involved procedure than flashing a ROM but a rewarding one.  The overall smoothness running this mod is notable. 

Check out the forum post here: 

I'll try to expand on his directions here and there but basically, you have to prepare the card with 2 active partitions one NTFS/exFat/FAT32/etc and one ext2 or ext4 with disabled journaling (post 3-- if you don't do this on CleanRom you get an "Encryption failed"), run the instructions on ADB/Terminal. 

I haven't updated Roms or other general maintance though I plan to provide feedback once I do.

EDIT: There have been a lot of updates.  There is an alternate version and you now just have to flash versus terminal terminating.  A different version, perhaps its a bit more robust than previous versions. 

12/12/12 Update: So this crashed on me hard after a power cycle.  It turns out that I had a failing MicroSD but it did happen on vacation and it was a pain in the ass when it doesn't turn on.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What is the TF500T? Unfortunately no one can be told. TF500 Keyboard surfaces

Recently reference's have been made to the TF500 with an TF500T FCC Label and a TF500 Keyboard.  Speculation has been introduced as to what the TF500 will be and what it will run.  Popular rumors are a Nexus 10, or a Windows RT device.

The TF500 will likely be a Windows RT device similar to the Infinity (perhaps with a 720p screen).   Based on the keyboard compatibility with the TF201 and TF700T the TF500T / TF500 is likely a 10" class tablet with similar dimensions to the existing prime and infinity.

The TF500T will certainly be Tegra 3 based because of the T in the name.  Their may be a TF500KL version as well though it has not seen the FCC.

ASUS will not comment yet:

TF700T Rom Review Scott's CleanRom ULE

It's a bit of a dangerous precedent to post for a new ROM but in this case the lack of top flite TF700T JB Roms and the regular updates of Scott's CleanROM ULE makes this a special case. 

CleanRom ULE is fast and usable, there are new updates often with performance upgrades targeted.  This is out of the box the fastest and smoothest TF700T experience I've seen or tried.   I encourage every unlocked infinity owner to try it.  You will need to flash .30/JB then a new recovery, make sure to nvflash if you are pre .30 prior.  

Some Bugs and warnings:
  • Don't change "Performance Mode" while utilizing flash -- certain to crash and reboot (a very similar issue to the TF201)

XDA Discussion:

Scott's TF700T Roms: TF700 ROMs

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

TF700T Jelly Bean Review

Jelly Bean has been released on the TF700T.  While the TF700T is more stable than the TF201 overall, the update is still welcome.  Overall I trust you've read that it's smooth, if not than yes it is smooth.  JB runs better with Force GPU rendering not enabled which is a signal that some thought has gone into the GUI rendering.

System Bar Lock is available for the first time on the TF700T.  This welcome feature of the prime helped ensure seamless gameplay by locking the notification bar from human input until a lock slide has been activated.  Subtle, yes.  Useful, yes.

There are new Setting options including a power saver menu, screen saver option.  Screen Saver is a new feature that will display a folder of videos or photos of your choice selectably upon AC, with 2 choices of animations and a choice of screen saver duration.

Web browsing is responsive and smooth with Browser2Ram installed.  Multiple email preview now appear in notifications.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

TF700t, TF201, TF300T, Nexus Tab, Bootloader, Recovery, APX

** Boot To Recovery **
Press Volume Down + Power untill you see a white text on the screen then release the buttons and press Volume UP (you have 5 seconds to do it)
Note: This works for both Stock and Custom recovery.

Cold Boot - FastBoot - Wipe Data Menu **
Press Volume Down + Power untill you see a white text on the screen then release the buttons.Use Volume Down to navigate and Volume Up to confirm your selection.You have 10 seconds to make your choise,or else the system will do a Cold Boot by default.
Note: FastBoot mode is available only if you unlocked the bootloader.

** Boot to APX mode **
Press Volume Up + Power for 5 seconds,the device will vibrate and your screen will be OFF.
Note: APX mode is needed if you want to use NVflash.
Note 2: Press Power button for 10 seconds to exit APX mode

Credit to this unusually helpful thread

Root Transformer Infinity Jelly Bean w/ Locked Bootloader

Ok, so you lost root on your update to Jelly Bean.  Here's a way to get it back without flashing from recovery.

1) Downgrade to .30 on tf700t  (this says you need an unlocked bootloader but I am not 100% sure you do for this step
1a) alternatively try: Recover /Downgrade from Jelly Bean to ICS/Clean Factory Restore with stock recovery

  • 1) Download the latest firmware from Asus site (based os your SKU,eg. ww * to downgrade from Jelly Bean you need the firmware)
  • 2) Extract the .zip file somewere on your desktop (the result will be another .zip file,use it for step 3)
  • 3) Rename the extracted archive to "EP201_768_SDUPDATE" (without the " ") and upload it to a MicroSD card
  • 4) Insert the MicroSD card in your tablet and use this button combination to Power ON and go to recovery --> Start the tablet by pressing Volume Down and POWER togheter for 5 seconds ,a message will inform you that you have 5 seconds to enter the recovery,press Volume UP before the 5 seconds expire.
  • At this point the device will go in recovery and should start updating your firmware . (from

2) Root
3) Install OTARootKeeper
4) Upgrade to Jelly Bean via OTA method

Note, you will lose ALL data in downgrade so please backup.

Jelly Bean Sandwich OTA Update for TF700T Released

The TF700T has been offiically updated JB. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Review

  1. Small Slim and beautiful -- I think 5-10mm think 38-40mm face
  2. Beautiful band and case
  3. Sucks at keeping time (loses +/- ~15 seconds a day)
  4. Terrible Service options (I still don't have my Royal Oak back)

NVFlash for Tf700T available pre .30 only

NVFlash is out for our TF700T.  it is for pre .30 firmware only apparently ASUS has some code in the new bootloader that prevents writing to NVFlash sector (facepalm). 

Thursday, September 20, 2012 WW OTA Available, Download, ASUS Pulled TF700T Firmware from Site

Although has been pulled by ASUS off of thier support site yesterday they just released WW version OTA. is a great way to get back to ICS from JB Port via TWRP (I'd flash twice and factory reset).  I'm going to provide a download link here, but will not be held responsible for anything you do with it.  For example although the firmware worked for me and others it may brick your device, there may be some reason to ASUS' madness.

Here's what we know about
  1. update increases I/O slightly.
  2. .26 Root Method Still Valid
  3. New Boot and recovery partition written
    1. apparently more compatible with JB
Download Mirrors Below:

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

TF700T Roms

So the development community for the TF201 TF300 and Nexus are more evolved than for the TF700T, however, recently we've been seeing an uptick in the development for the TF700T which is great since I've been unlocked the development hasn't blown me away yet, but that's a different post.

I think the TF700T will develop a great development community because its overall well executed and shares many similarities (be them updated) with other devices that receive quick google updates.

Here's a list of some of the TF700T ROMs available and any impressions I've had with them:

TF700 Benchmark vs Jelly Bean vs .26 vs Performance Mode

TF700T Benchmarks across Firmware and Performance Mode
I usually do not do actual research for this blog let alone whip out excel and make a chart but as dre says today is a new day.  Please feast your eyes on the first actual bit of fact produced by this blog, but as Plato said a fact is not truth and has no form.  So perhaps my blog fits Plato's definition if Episteme = alethes doxa + logos.

A few updates: JB Official Performance: 13084, JB Balanced 12528.Clemsyn 2.2 on cleanrom 2.3 14999.

TF700T returns you from TF300T Jelly Bean

Edit: Download

ASUS it seems has noticed the pain of many cross platform adopters of the tf300 Jelly Bean release and found themselves unable to revert to ICS with the same performance, and their new TF700t Firmware returns you to a state where TF700T users can flash either ICS or JB roms on the same bootloader.

I however, have had a little too much Jelly Bean.  Not because of the Android firmware, which was relatively fast for a raw port and sleek but because of the port issues which included 3D HDMI not working, fullscreen 1080p output not working, portrait mode corruption, and no ability to adjust away from the maximum superIPS+ high brightness of the TF700T.  (This resulted in about 4 hours of screen time.) 

The performance is also fully restored through this mode.  AnTuTu tested 13478 on .26 12199 on TF300t Jelly Bean and 13600 on .30.  I'm thankful to have tabby 2 back to her old self (actually slightly faster) self.  As much as I hate privacy invasion presented by dmclient and android I do enjoy this tablet on her stock firmware.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tegra 3 Performance Modes - TF700T, TF300T, TF-201 Performance Modes Power Saving, Balanced

I've seen this thread come up a few times on multiple forums and thought I'd provide a google findable explanation of the different ASUS "Performance Modes".  I'm going to add reference links and benchmarks as time progresses.  Overall the amount of work completed is about the same on the various modes, but if your not doing a clock for clock comparison (e.g. just checking email or watching a video vs benchmarks constantly cycling) the various modes do enjoy a delta of on screen time available, I would guess about 2 hours difference in idle screen time per mode. EDIT: I did some "research" and made a "graph." 

Asus TF700T Review

This is a follow up thread to my initial impressions of the "tf700t vs tf-201" with approximately one week of heavy use.  I found myself drawn to this gadget and ended up using it way too much and that's competing against gadget first round draft picks.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Tf700t vs Tf-201 Prime vs Infinity

I just got a tf700t to replace the tf201 through awesome customer service. I also bought a two year warranty so i think it was a classic Michael Scott, win-win-win, situation.  Not worrying about being unlocked and rom'd is awesome!

Friday, August 17, 2012

2012 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe Review

  • Very fast
  • great construction
  • great suspension geometry
  • sticky stock tires
  • Awesome magnetic suspension really does provide a fast active ride
  • Great interior dual color seats with suede/leather recaro racing seats
  • Stereo has a lot of media options but sounds like shit
  • heavy steering with lots of natural grip, much easier to drive fast then say an XKR
  • Maximum road usable speed I'd put at 165mph, any faster isn't really going to be safe on roads except for perhaps in the middle of New Mexico or similar
  • poor mans high end lambo
  • Lots of untapped power from the engine, a new supercharger pulley will get you insane highend speed with Horsepower close to 700hp at the expense of low end, however the car is fast enough where you don't feel the trade off

Want to shop for your CTS-V, check out Amazon's Cadillac Central

2013 A4 Review: Cliff Notes

  • Beautiful Auto, classic elegant lines, LED pipe/tube headlights, great ass
  • Very well constructed, excellent fit and finish
  • Smooth 8-speed automatic, but I like the DSG in the A3 and others more as its more responsive and provides more power to the wheels
  • Smooth riding car, not as fast as say an A3 which feels more like a go cart 
  • beautiful interior (much better than an A3, not as nice as a Q5),
  • The sunglass holder sucks assuming you're not rocking 1990s vintage oakleys
I'll get some pictures up, its a really pretty car, the best looking A4/80 ever.  Really looks as good as an A5 and that says a lot.

Amazon's Audi Page

Sunday, August 12, 2012

iClarity HD Review vs Clarity HD

Going back to the old style Cliff Notes review here's our breakdown of the iClarity HD vs Clarity HD

  1. The differences between the Clarity HD and iClarity HD are not merely cosmetic.  If you have android get the Clarity HD.  If you have iOS get the iClarity HD.  I am not sure why but they do not sound good paired the other way.  Yes they will pair, they will play but the sound is not as good, perhaps even bad.
  2. Good sound out of a small package but does not sound as good as larger form factor offerings
  3. Charges quickly plays music for a while
Quick Tip get these at Amazon they retail around $50-65 right now versus $129 MSRP. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fix Transformer Prime, Infinity Wifi Does Not Turn On

For those who have had trouble with "turning on wifi" on the Transformer series thankfully there is a simple fix. 

Please backup your data to external SD
Open the Settings App
Choose Backup & reset
Choose Factory Data Reset

If you are unlocked please also look at flashing a new ROM

I've had this issue and can confirm that this clears it. It's almost too simple to post but perhaps it will help the google visitor who is looking for a fix!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

TF201 Update Coming to address I/O Performance issues

Transformer Owners Rejoice.  The I/O issues that have plagued the TF201 and perhaps the TF300 and TF700t are about to be officially addressed by ASUS via a new firmware update.  Developers have linked the issue to SQLite syncing with the Tegra 3 chip. 

Although ASUS has confirmed the update and its focus on I/O performance issues they have not revealed if it is going to be rolled into a Jelly Bean update or a ICS update.

Overall this should help the perceived responsiveness of the Tegra 3 Transformer Line. UPDATE 12/12/12: Although ASUS has promised this they have not really delivered. They are unlocking higher core speed though via OTA...

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I/O Performance Improvements TF201, TF300

If you googled this you already know the TF201 doesn't have the greatest performance in terms of IO. However there is some good news. There have been tweaks made that you can apply now as well as there is some indication that ASUS and Devs are coming together to put down some fantastic numbers in this arena. This means the overall speed of the TF201 should be greatly improved. I wouldn't imagine top throughput speed to be amazingly greater but SQLite should be much faster. About 10X or more.

Beats Pro Review vs Beats Studios, Beats Mixrs, MDR-700. DJ (Dubstep, Hip Hop) Perspective

I've read a lot of reviews of the DJ oriented Beats Pros but they all seemed to be from very specific paradigms that doesn't really match the target consumer. Most reviews seem to indicate that the Beats Pros are not audiophile grade because they are not "flat" in response, this is absolutely true but that isn't really what they are for. I've also seen reviews suggesting the Pros aren't studio monitors and for most purposes they aren't because they produce colored sound with emphasis on low notes. However, they do provide excellent reproduction of modern dance music played through modern sound systems. 

Beats Pro, PDX-2000, & Limited Edition PMC-007

These head phones are for DJs and perhaps artists who would like to mix for clubs and for that they excel. First they seem to be of very high build quality, I hold off on declaring them durable since I would like several years of experience to declare that, but compared to DJ headphones such as the Sony MDR-700 these seem to be better constructed. They also have a removable cord of low gauge (thick) with coils. In this respect they are perfectly suited to DJing. As the MDR-700s have flip cups these have a flip back cups which hug the back of your head and in practice it is quite good for monitoring the room. I really liked my MDR-700s but the cord eventually "went bad", sad. 

Compared to the Beats Studios these have a cleaner sound that can play louder with less "warmth". Some people may prefer the Studios solos or mixrs (which would be my second choice of Beats) but for clean sound with good separation that is able to play at high volumes with good isolation and without piercing highs (e.g. when djing) these are excellent. In terms of comfort these are built well and barring the use of titanium I can't imagine them being built better lighter. They are likely "Mens" headphones in the same way that >90% of Lamborghini drivers are men. I don't see an issue with weight. They are firm and snug like DJ phones should be, enough so that I've actually hiked with them and worked out with them without any issue-- ellipticalled at some speed and lifted (saving my knees for the ring--hopefully you will see some MMA magic from me soon). The cups are hinged for 360 degrees of movement although not a ton of movement (you can't flip the cups up or over), but they do conform to your head and make a great connection that plays bass heavy and isolates exterior noise. If you have will smith ears they may not be comfortable but for those of us with normal sized ears they will fit well within what I imagine to be 40 or 50mm drivers circular cups. 

The color of the Pro's is very similar to club environments and PA systems with adequate subwoofers, which makes it excellent for beat matching (with clearly defined low notes), and for previewing how your music will actually sound once its live. I hope that I continue to enjoy the pros as much as I currently do. I believe I will barring some unforeseen breakage. The bag is nice but not big enough. 

 These put out great volume with good clarity and great lows. Overall its how I would want my system sounding.

For your background reference I like B&O speakers, Infinities, B&Ws, KEFs, JLs, pro JBL (why is their pro gear so good and consumer shit so shit???), and EVs, I like the sound of larger subs 15" and 18"s. I've compared these against my other DJ Headphones, I often seek 50MM drivers but have had sennhisers low and high end (the ones you see people on TV with, my ex "borrowed" them I think they are Sennheiser HD25-1 II), Sony MdR-600 and MdR700, Bose QC3, and Yamaha's which sound great but break like a Range Rover.

Just a tip buy them at the official monster outlet and there are often coupon codes to stack if you look. I was able to find a 25% off (yeah!), I choose free standard shipping which took a bit over a week but apparently the fedex guy forgot where I lived the first scheduled delivery day.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Root .28 and .21 on tf201 and tf300t

check out this root method by sparky rather than the old downgrade method One Click too-- very solid

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Browser2Ram Fixes Transformer Prime TF201, TF700T, TF300T Browser Not Responding

Word is that SQLlite performance is still atrocious with the new Transfomrer Prime update.  This means that the Browser likely isn't fixed and that the update is focused around the new Tegra 3 Drivers NVIDIA released. 

Sources close to ASUS claim that the next next update in the pipeline will likely focus on device storage issues with the prime which are so bad that many tech experts claim there is no way it couldn't be related to firmware.  Devices that are a few years older than the Prime will run circles around the Prime in terms of storage performance.

So with that out of the way lets talk about fixes.  I ran across Browser2Ram in a few posts.  Honestly they were mostly cryptic and it was quite hard to find this amazing APK.  I did not create it but I fucking endorse it.  It takes the Prime from one of the worst browsing experiences to one of the best by taking the main bottleneck of the TF201 out of the equation.

Browser2Ram works by caching webdata to RAM rather than the as of now shitty SSD on the Prime. Here's how to get your Prime Browsing like a champ!

  1. You will need to have root access on your transformer prime to utilize this APK.
  2. Download Browser2Ram APK
  3. Install
  4. Open Browser2RAM and grant Superuser Request (may not always ask on first opening but wait for a bit)
  5. Reboot
  6. Open Browser2Ram and grant Superuser Request
  7. Start using browser, Browser2Ram is now set for further use
  8. ???
  9. Profit
  10. ???
  11. Watch RG3 and the Redskins return to preeminence over the next decade if the Mayan Apocalypse doesn't happen.

I will try to get some info for the developer up here ASAP.  This is so good that if the dev is a Giants or even a Cowboys fan I'll even take down #11 although I think we all know its true.

Update 6/27/2012:  The Dev is "TheOnionKnight" at XDA you can find his original post here

Update 10/2/2012: This works perfectly on the TF700T / TF700 Infinity. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

TF201 Transformer Prime Update Update .28

.28 update is now in testing, fixing some minor issues from .25.  Expect a mid june or earlier release.

Here are some tidbits:
  1. android 4.03
  2. Not yet Linux 3 Kernel
  3. ANR Browser issue is number one target fix.
  4. Does not fix SSD performance
  5. Nvidia Drivers Likely main update

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

HTC ICS Update Schedule Released! Rezound, Evo 3d, Rhyme in June-July. Sensation in March-June-- more models below

HTC Officially Releases ICS Update Schedule Here:

Copied Below:



DROID Incredible 2 by HTC To be determined (by the end of August)
HTC Amaze 4G May-June
HTC Desire S June-July
HTC Desire HD July-August
HTC EVO 3D June-July
HTC EVO 4G+ May-June
HTC EVO Design 4G June-July
HTC Incredible S June-July
HTC Sensation March-June
HTC Sensation 4G March-June
HTC Sensation XE March-June
HTC Sensation XL April-Jun
HTC Rezound June-July
HTC Rhyme June-July
HTC Thunderbolt July-August
HTC Velocity 4G March-June
HTC Vivid March-June

Sunday, May 20, 2012

new transformer prime firmware to be released soon

Asus rep Gary Key confirmed that a new transformer prime firmware is to be released soon.  this new firmware for transformer prime tf201 should be numbered .25 or later and is the result of recent collaboration of between google nvidia and asus.  this should result in low level kernel tweaks.  will this be the end of ANR errors and reboots?

asus is rolling out update to two test groups (small then larger testing base) before general ota release.

For technical guys (excessive Political Correctness be darned) this update may be the answers to our wish list -- beta testers are under a "cone of silence" but some good tidbits have been hinted:

  1. Processor Scheduling is reworked
  2. I/O scheduling and performance may be better (hopefully much better)
  3. Kernel is said to be completely reworked (thus the two levels of testing?)
  4. General testing has commenced which means we may see this update soon
I would also bet on face unlock showing its, well, face but compared to the above that is fairly low on my wishlist.  In fact I couldn't care less about face unlock for various practical and privacy reasons.

Another few items on my wishlist:
  1. google let us own our own usage data and allow us to delete it if we so desire
  2. allow us to opt out of your persons profiling engine (especially if we don't utilize your services)
I may be getting carried away, one step at a time...


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Download Transformer Prime TF201 Mirrors Here...

 ASUS, "aspiring alliteration", Cracking Down on Rooting New Firmware Update by deleting old firmware?  Not to worry find them here.

Monday, April 30, 2012

MSFT -- Want Windows 8 to Succeed? Let it Run on ANY Device!

MSFT is launching Windows 8 with an oldschool pay to play for an OS mentality.  Unfortunately they have a huge uphill battle against iOS and Android.  For them to gain any traction quickly in this field they will need to expand the devices that Windows 8 can be installed on to any Android Device with an unlocked bootloader. 

This would instantly give Windows 8 a huge boost and also get many Developers involved which is really a key demographic to win if they are to have success with Windows 8 on ARM.

I would suggest to MSFT that Windows 8 on ARM be free, and free to run on any unlocked device.  MSFT may realize other revenue streams including charging OEMs for support.  Charge for a good x86 to ARM emulator, charge for Office etc.  AND take donations.  I know its not how company's ran in the past but this new world people support devs and technicians directly, MSFT may have some luck getting some donations.  Make money off an integrated (vertical please) App (only) store, but perhaps don't track your users, let them know they aren't being tracked, it will buy MSFT some great publicity and highlight an issue with your competitors. Or perhaps a paid version with no tracking and a free version with Android like tracking.

If they do this right they should capture the interests of developers who will make great apps and start off with a much larger user base then if they proceed with this ludicrous UEFI Mandate (MSFT you may not sell as many Win8 on ARM devices as you project, have you seen how dedicated iOS and Android users are?) 

Don't get me wrong, I am really excited by Win 8 but lets be honest I don't think Win 7 Mobile and Win 7.5 have put up "game changing" numbers.  If done right the integrated nature of Win 8 may make the world more productive.

How To Root Transformer Prime TF201 running latest firmware .21 or Downgrade to other Firmware with LOCKED BOOTLOADER

Please excuse the irratic nature of the posts on this blog.  Most often I post remotely from a pad or celly to try to break news quickly.  However, this is such a great tool for Transformer owners that I thought I would take Wolfs (Wolf849 on xda) excellent work and rewrite it in native and easy to understand english.  As I understand it Wolf is from Pakistan, his writing is pretty good but not perhaps great for an english speaking person who has never rooted before.  Also please note no one takes any responsibility here if you choose to undertake something with your device but yourself.   

Before we begin let me say that dev's work like this is the best thing about Android, and I would strongly suggest donating some money to Wolf if you're so inclined.  Personally, Thanks Wolf!

I just rooted my TF201 this morning it took about 90 minutes but I think you could execute this in about 30 minutes if you were good.

Original Source References

  • Go to support site and download your localities firmware. 
    • If you like honeycomb or any specific build download it
    • If you are trying to root pick an ICS based firmware of .15 or .17
  • Extract the file TWICE to the root of your internal memory (mnt  /sdcard not external SD Card) on the TF201
    • If done properly there will be a "blob" file of about 500MB
  • Download ViperMod Tools here 
    • extract to a convient location as we will use this for ADB Access
  • Put your Transformer Prime into "USB Debugging" under settings-> dev options
  • Connect your Transformer Prime into your computer and open up "Device Manager"
  • Click on ADB Android Device with red exclaimation mark,
    • update driver,
      • point to the folder "Something Drivers"
        • within ViperMod Download
  • Also update the other "Transformer Prime" Device drivers in the same manner
  • Start an administrator command prompt
    • type cmd in the windows search if you're not familiar and right click
  • navigate with cd.. and cd to the directory of ViperMod Tools Download or whatever its called
  • See if you can start to work by typing "ADB DEVICES"
    • If you can't its likely a driver issue, please google ADB help
  • Enter ADB Shell, by typing "ADB SHELL"
  • Enter following commands with return after each line
  • mv /data/local/tmp /data/local/tmp.bak
    ln -s /dev/block/mmcblk0p4 /data/local/tmp
  • adb reboot
  • As device restarts when on the second ASUS "aspiring alliteration" splash screen when the backlight dims you should be able to enter ADB with the device again
  • check by typing "ADB SHELL" until it enters
  • Type this command
  • dd if=/sdcard/blob of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p4
  • IF IT DOES NOTHING YOU ARE WINNING and DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT DOING ANYTHING wait for a few minutes to prompt you with this:
    • 1066806+1 records in
    • 1066806+1 records out
    • 546204969 bytes transferred in 250.309 secs (2182122 bytes/sec)
      • or something in that form
  • then type "exit"
  • and "ADB Reboot"
  • you may get stuck in a bootloop if you downgrade too far (ICS to HC), if this happens WOLF reccomends:
    • In some cases flashing previous firmware leaves data partition intact.
      • I suggest to clean it by booting with [vol down] and [power] pressed (you will see the info about the rom). Than wait until the screen with android and wipe data appear. Select wipe by switching with [vol down] and accepting with [vol up] pressed two times. It mostly happen when downgrading to HC from ICS.
If you are trying to root .21 follow the following steps:
  • Enter ViperMOD tools by clicking the appropriate .exe file within ViperMod Download
  • Once you get Super User download VOODOO OTA ROOTKEEPER (sorry its only a google play link-- dislike)
  • it will tell you if Super User has been properly granted permissions with a check mark and a button that says "Backup Super User" or something
  • Do that
    • exit the re-enter to ensure that SU has been properly backedup
  • Go to settings->about tablet-> software update and update when it prompts you
  • Click on OTA Rootkeeper on the newly updated Pad
    • Click "Restore Root"
  • Do a hard reset- hold power button and volume down until the device turns off then begins to boot
  • Try to wipe cache settings if you can with Rom Toolbox or similar

I know there are typos but fuck it I'm going to the pool.


We are going to revert to .15 then Root, then utilize OTA Rootkeeper, then update back to .21 (utilizing OTA update not downloaded zip!).

Follow this android genius' directions here:
Execute Method #2.  Only you are responsible for damage to your device. 

Cliff Notes or click here for full instructions to root .21:
1) ADB Drivers can be tricky I found success with Vipers'  I needed to update the drivers for ADB and the TF201
2) Extract, extract and download proper old firmware from to root of device
3) Follow Method #2 above commands
4) You may want to do some cleaning when done. 

As a sidenote I'm really tempted to stay on Honeycomb.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Why I won't use Google Drive

Google Drive is a little too invasive for me.  Call me old fashioned but I don't like my data indexed and known by everyone.  It's not even that I want to hide anything, its just the principal.  I love privacy. 

TF201 GPS Dongle Works!

From inside a metal building
I got my dongle in earlier than expected 4/22/12. It worked GREAT.  It is seamless, once you enable GPS it automatically utilizes the Dongle's Radios.   No GPS Data Transferred via bluetooth, no need for clumsy software. 

I was also impressed with the ASUS packaging of the dongle.  Almost retail in nature.  I wonder if they will sell these in countries where GPS wasn't listed as a feature and who aren't eligible for the Dongle.

I highly recommend taking the stickers off both sides of the dongle.  Other than that it matches your TF201 Color and appears to be made out of plastic with a straight line polish and exposed mini torq screws (I believe).

Cliff Notes:
  • Reboot if you have issues after first use
  • Insanely good GPS Reception -- think 30' within a metal building
  • No software, use it just like onboard GPS
  • Lock is manually actuated vs keyboard
  • Some cases won't fit

Possible TF201 Performance Bottlenecks (aka Why is my Prime Slow?)

here are some consensus ideas and some of my own observations regarding what may cause the TF201 browser to "Wait to Respond" and the overall choppy performance of the Tegra 3 in the TF201, TF300, TF700.  To fix this I've been using the latest version of Opera 12 Labs, but honestly it's not perfect. (I think Adobe should try to make a mobile browser...)

  1. Nvidia Drivers that aren't fully optimized yet
    1. Especially evident when switching performance modes 
    2. Should be addressed in future firmware update
  2. Overly Aggressive Power Gating
    1. Run on performance mode unless you actually need to save the power for something
  3. Slow NAND Storage
    1. This could be an issue with cue length of accessing NAND based Cache
      1. Might be able to solve with Firmware update or by forcing to utilize Fast MicroSD
  4. Browser Parallel Processing Algorithm that is too "passive"
    1. Hopefully ASUS will issue an update that allows for a "performance" browsing mode
    2. The load presented to the Tegra 3 is distributed across multiple cores
    3. But it is a little too hesitant to "drop the hammer" on one to four cores as needed
    4. Snapdragons actually do the opposite running on one core up to full speed more of the time and kicking in the second core when absolutely necessary. 
  5. Android has a way to go
    1. Android is still a phone OS in many ways.  ICS brings the ability to run many apps stably but some lack of features make me miss Desktop based GUIs.
    2. I also think there is a lot of tracking of information and background processes compared to what should be running on a clean full OS. 
      1. We've gotten used to this because of phones
        1. but why do we need to give up such data on a Tablet?
      2. Still light compared to a full OS background load
      3. Perhaps a minor reason iOS is a bit faster is because apps don't load themselves and digest your data on their own
          1. yes I know you opt in but every program asks for way too much data, and google tracks too much. 
          2. Microsoft & Apple doesn't know every app you have on your computers
    3. Needs to be cleaner and sleeker in terms of file management and sophisticated code handling execution
Any other ideas? 

Asus eee pad Transformer Prime .21 Root Locked Bootloader

4.30.12 Update: ROOT IS BACK!

Basically we are going to revert to .15 Root, install Rootkeeper and then update:

Original Directions:
Execute Method #2.  Only you are responsible for damage to your device. 

How To Root .21 

Still no word on root yet for locked bootloader devices.  Personally I think google just did an about face with its open source policy by requiring ASUS to lock and encrypt the bootloader.  I had this device when the bootloader was still unlocked.  I do not want to unlock my bootloader as it voids the warranty. 

The only way to achieve root on .21 at this time is to use Rootkeeper before upgrading or to unlock and root with a rooted rom.  On my HTC phone this wasn't an issue, but my prime creaks when I tap it certain ways and it makes me want to hold on to that warranty.  Once I do unlock I will want to try out UNBUNTU and a ROM that supports dual windows.  (Why?  --- Privacy Concerns, Real OS).  Check out what's cooking for the TF201 at XDA.

I think there is a small possibility that ASUS allows unlock without losing warranty soon.  Why--
  1. Other Manufactures do it, including those with comparable tegra 3 devices
  2. Essentially they are selling the equivalent of windows without administrator privileges at some point the government may step in and regulate
  3. There are obviously a significant number of users with pure hardware issues, this can be surmised from the low delivery/yield numbers and high return rates. 
    1. ASUS has already faced one lawsuit over the tf201 functioning, they need to buy some "goodwill" if they don't want to get hit with more because they are in an actionable position
      1. best case scenario for ASUS they spend millions on a winning defense with no recourse for attorneys fees
      2. worst case could be a forced recall
This wait feels like forever just because the browser is so terrible.  I feel like I need to overclock this thing as the browser's borderline personality takes its mental toll on you.  After all this thing is a quad core isn't it.  My HTC Rezound equipped with S3 Snapdragon loads web pages faster and more stably.  By all accounts the Tegra 3 is a superior processor. 

Hopefully ASUS can embrace the developer community and start integrating some of their updated code which may actually help them fix the random reboots and terrible browsing which they have been unable to adequately address thus far.

Upcoming. Read about possible causes of Transformer Prime and tf300 slowdown

HTC Rezound: Sense 3.6 vs 4.0

I've been hearing a lot about Sense 4.0 for the Rezound.  I thought I'd try it out.  Here's a quick rundown of Sense 3.6 vs 4.0.  Please note I used |||bored|||'s Rez Rom s4 1.2 (4/25/2012) vs his ex 3.4 (4/16/2012) so that I could as best I could isolate sense version as the only different as both of these run on top of the latest ICS leak 4.03. 

Sense 3.6 Pros:
  1. Faster, much much faster
    1. Sense 3.6 was built to run on this hardware natively and it extracts a lot of performance out of Rez Rom
  2. More familiar
    1. Verizon hotspot was included for example, music app feels better
  3. This ROM feels way faster than stock and is more stable than 4.03 leak so far
  4. Little to no battery drain
Sense 4.0 Notes:
  1. Much closer to AOSP
  2. You could see how the interface would be cleaner
  3. I like the pagination launcher employed 
  4. Music app integrates all music providers
    1. e.g. pandora appears as an icon along side of "music"
  5. Overall this felt pretty stable but it just seemed like it was a port of something really designed to run on a different processor with expanded instruction sets
    1. thus its really cool that you get to try it out
    2. its also feels like your phone is running like an emulator
      1. transitions e.g. are choppy
  6. I like the wall papers better
  7. The setup is a little iffy but initial setup program is better looking than 3.6
  8. Very slow on rotation for such apps as camera

Enable Dual Core Mode HTC Rezound

There are multiple threads on notable developer forums indicating the Rezound under its latest stock kernel will run in a very conservative single core almost always mode. Rooting and just running "SetCpu" will enable independent scaling dual core mode, which engages both cores when expected. Although benchmarks may not reflect the performance gains they are significant in practice. Running complex live wallpapers and visually rich HTC Sense widgets pose no lag when scrolling. The overall effect is a phone without hiccups that's always responsive even while multitasking. Links to come.

First published on:

Thursday, April 5, 2012

ASUS to Provide Free GPS Dongle to Fix Transformer Prime GPS

Update: ASUS giving customers GPS Dongle is confirmed. I've ordered mine, see official ASUS transcript below.  However, the process hasn't been officially announced yet.  Try to sign up at ASUS' members area if your new there and maybe you can order it. Please don't ask ASUS for support yet but do consider it confirmed that ASUS will make your transformer prime tf201GPS work in the very near future.
Over at XDA there is credible evidence to suggest that ASUS will be releasing a GPS Dongle to Transformer Prime owners, thus taking the tablet to promised original specification.  If the rumors are right expect news to be announced around mid-april about a process for owners to receive their GPS dongles.  Interface is unknown but I'd expect Bluetooth with an NMEA-183 (iirc) stream.  UPDATE: See below for source, but apparently the ASUS GPS dongle plugs into the charging connector and is flush fit and matching color, think keyboard hinge but smaller in width and without the rest of the dock.

Gary Key had mentioned that he had a big announcement regarding the Transformer Prime.  Perhaps this is what he is referring to.  .21 has made my Transformer Prime tf201 more stable.  As an aside I have been really enjoying the dock.  The updates ASUS has rolled out and continues to with addressing some browser lag are commendable.  Although perhaps a nuisance to keep root, which is nice since the Tegra 3 in the TF201 can hit 1.6GHz on all cores.

This is really solid news by a company who's products I've used for years.  I loved their X58 solution mobos.  I think this reflects really well on ASUS' commitment to customer service and is revealing of their corporate qualities. In fact I've been more impressed with ASUS then Google recently, but that's another post.

Although my prime isn't perfect its definitely a premium device.  Once these tegra driver issues are worked out I believe this thing will fly.  The docking station makes this device a game changer, and the dock is absolutely beautiful with a fantastic keyboard.  Very highend kit.  Build quality exceeding my phones.  I'm looking forward to reviewing their PadPhone. 

Thanks (in advanced) for fixing GPS ASUS!
Update xda link see page 3 for a description. Not bt as I originally speculated, its been described by a testing group member (on page 3)  as  keyboard hinged styl3. 

Here's a transcript of the official ASUS message from their VIP Members Area-- once again THANKS ASUS

"Thank you for purchasing the ASUS Eee Transformer Prime TF201, and helping to make it the most popular Android based tablet since its launch in December 2011. We greatly appreciate feedback from our valued customers about our products, and take it very seriously. The response to the TF201 generally has been overwhelmingly positive, but we understand that, in certain regions, the GPS functionality has not met some user’s expectations. Free Dongle! At ASUS, we are committed to delivering innovative, high-quality products and services, and our customers’ experience is important to us. Although the TF201 is not a professional GPS device, as part of our unwavering commitment to our customers we are offering all customers who purchased a TF201 system a free external GPS extension kit, called a dongle, which may help improve signal reception and optimize the user experience. We are pleased to announce this offer as part of our commitment to customer service, but it does not replace, alter or amend any existing warranties you may have.We also encourage you to contact ASUS customer support in your local region directly if you are experiencing GPS related problems. ASUS prides itself on delivering an unrivalled user experience, and we offer our sincere apologies for any inconvenience that our customers may have encountered."

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

First post using TF201 Docking Station

I can't review this because I'm just starting to use this but I can see I'm typing faster than I would on a virtual keyboard.  I attempted to type all the words from racks but I was a little behind and after the thirty repetition of "racks" I decided it was past time to quit.  But what to quit was the question.  A little different then windows but overall this is a slick combo.  The whole package is smaller than a mac book air, and perhaps more powerful than all but the latest generations. 
Overall I haven't hit the touchpad accidentally and although they keyboard has a trackpad I'm finding that I often use the touchpad unless I'm navigating desktop websites or copying text.
This is a really great combination.  I would suggest that Jelly Beans or whatever the next android is should includ support for 2 portrait mode applications running side by side.  The ability to switch between programs by looking at a different part of the screen adds a lot to productivity and is something windows outdoes android with. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Fix Transformer Prime GPS by Tethering Phone GPS to Tablet

Lets be clear, the TF201, or asus eeepad transformer prime release was not executed at a high level.  Many early models had wifi issues due to manufacturing issues with the diversity antennas, that seems to be fixed now.  All Primes have a GPS that is inherently ineffective due to poor antenna design.  If yours gets some satellites while standing still that's a win.  It is not effective enough to navigate even on a boat in the ocean with just a canvas top blocking the sky. 

I gave up trying to fix the GPS and was happy that my WIFI worked so well.  When I bought my prime GPS was still listed as a feature, I've been really lucky to have this tablet since the beginning of 2012, and have enjoyed it immensely.  I realized a BT GPS solution was possible after working with some iPad's set up for ocean navigation.  I decided one day to stream the GPS from a phone over BT to the transformer prime, and I couldn't be happier with the results. 

Here's the step by step to setup GPS BT Streaming to a TF201 (although it is applicable to many tablets including an iPad with suitable changes to the instructions). 

1) root the PHONE (not the Tablet)

2) download "Bluetooth GPS" on the prime (or tablet) by googoo android. This will receive the GPS signal over bluetooth. 
3) enable mock locations under developer settings on the prime settings

 4) download a GPS to Bluetooth app on the PHONE.  There are several

4.1) I use "Bluetooth gps" by meowsbox free trial 1.49 full version

 4.2) you will need to grant su privileges to the GPS to Bluetooth app you use

 4.3) some apps work better with certain phones

 5) start GPS and gps streaming utilizing utility from #4 on the phone

 6) pair phone and prime under bluetooth settings, in the settings menu of both tech.

 7) open up Bluetooth GPS on the prime choose the PHONE from the dropdown source menu and click connect

8) you should now be able to utilize GPS as if it were native on the prime

 8.1) you can see feed from bluetooth gps, see sats with GPS test, utilize maps or special nav charts e.g. boats planes etc.

Let me know if I skipped a step or can make this clearer.

Why Retina Displays don't offer across the board improvement, yet.

As I was developing a site yesterday one of my logo images had a 200px constraining but needed sufficient data to display well.  I ramped up the DPI to a "Retina" display density of 260 px/inch.  I then realized that while native system text on these super dense displays will look much better, most web images won't.  Most websites are built to be optimized on equal/less than 1080px wide with a image density of around 96 DPI. 

I haven't conducted a study on the average pixel density across the web but 96 dpi seems to be a good guess as is the default on many professional image editing tools and there has been a push to maximize speed at the expense of density.  While I upped the density data on that specific image for a specific purpose and it looks good on retina displays, I have to think I am one of the few who has executed such retina web image optimizations yet.  Basically, until developers up the densities on their textures you won't see an improvement outside of system textures and text while using "retina" dense displays.

Further proof of this is the need for "special" retina enhanced programs on the app store.  It's cool that there are many already, but out of the gates publishers and developers will have to specifically optimize websites and programs specifically for super high pixel densities that can be displayed by devices like the new iPad, iPhone 4S, HTC Rezound, Galaxy Nexus, and that expanding list.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Why the a5x isn't 4x as fast as the tegra 3

Apple used a benchmark run against a honeycomb equipped transformer prime to get their 4x performance figures. Unfortunately, this is misleading since honeycomb doesn't support gpu acceleration.  So yes the a5 and a5x are that much faster when comparing gpu rendering versus CPU rendering but in real life with ics the a5 and x variants are likely to be similarly performing to a tegra 3. The a5 does not wipe the floor with the t3 and the a5x is pretty much the bare minimum to keep up with the increased requirements of the near retina display of the ipad3.
Check out annads excellent review of the new iPad
We have slightly differing opinions on real world performance of the gpus, I would differ to andrew as he has more numbers and pretty charts.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Android market / google play sale today

While I think combining a media store and app store is short sighted Google is going after iTunes and Amazon with a more integrated marketplace that I'm sure is much more invasive in terms of privacy.  To help people play their game Google has slashed prices in their market.

Ipad 3 "" is not the best tablet on the market

Contrary to claims, the iPad 3 is not the best on the market unless you define best by highest resolution and your minimum requirements for rf include lte.  I have some serious misgivings about the amount of ram and lack of dedicated vram.  Your talking a million more pixels than HD essentially running off of a phone processor with the minimum ram necessary.  Basically for its price point apple skimped on features that could rival a PC, which is what I would argue a post PC company should aim for.  People need more than a big phone as these pads will replace computers for many.  The lack of an HDMI port is also a big issue for the same reason.
At this point the tegra 3 is a more advanced processor that will run graphics just as fast as iPad 3 (at 1080p) while running circles around the a5x in power management and CPU performance. If the tegra 3 was paired with 2 gbs of DDR3 I believe the tegra 3 would actually outperform the a5x at similar resolutions. 
Apple ticked off the expected improvements from my last post and will wow the world with a display that's perceptibly as sharp as paper in a beautifully well built shell but android tablet makers are going to introduce more powerful tablets at much lower price points and in many different form factors.  Android and w8 are aggressively attacking the gap between the PC and tablets while it seems apple is attacking the gap between paper and tablets at a premium price point. 
Update, I'd love to have had a retina video camera on the iPad.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Splashtop for tegra 3: personal cloud computing is here

It has been a dream since the early citrix days and I'm sure before to run a terminal with efficient io and offloading the computing tasks.  This same concept makes a lot of sense considering PC's have very little power limits, and mobile devices are quite sensitive to battery resources. However a seamless system was never fully recognized, and still isn't but splashtop thd is a significant step in that direction.  Splashtop thd is much faster than rdc allowing you to view full screen videos seamlessly, since rendering takes place off device you can run dx11.
There are some limits.  Like no full screen apps. There are some bottlenecks I'll try to report on them. 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Tf201 .15 update released

New transformer prime update available ota .15 as of posting date in USA. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

asus coming out with .15 update soon to further address rebooting problem on tf201

As title indicates

Gameloft makes more gsmes compatible with transformer prime tf201

As title indicates gameloft has officially supported more games on the tf201.  Hopefully more to come, 9mm is currently supported, mc3 not yet.

Transformer tf101 ICS released

ICS is currently rolling out as an ota update in Taiwan for the tf101.

Transformer Prime Tf201 unlocked bootloader tool released by asus

As Asus promised after backlash for locking the bootloader , an unlock boot loader tool had been released.  This is exciting news for devs as the best tablet currently available, despite its issues, could benefit from homegrown roms. I believe Asus will void warranties if this tool is utilized, proceed accordingly with a device that does have some nagging issues to be worked out.
There seems to be a lot of recent dev activity over at xda and similar for Google's current android flagship device.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A5X or A6 iPad 3/iPad HD expect a big improvement in gpu compute performance

With ICS we are already seeing smooth mobile gpu rendering in more (2d) tasks but the next generation of high performance low power devices will utilize gpgpu and offload tasks far more often to the gpu. This will make mobile devices much more capable if executed properly. 
There are rumors that the ipad 3/hd will be a dual core soc with greatly improved gpu capability.  The rumors make sense at this point, that apple would focus on an improved gpu to not only keep up with the pixel requirements of the new retina displays (great implementation Jobs) but actually be bolstered enough to take on an expanded role in the mobile compute requirements and 2D rendering in applications such as html5.  I think the addition of enhanced gpu cores & vram or a much faster ram path to gpu is more likely than a quad core CPU or an lte radio, although they would both be welcome.
The tegra 3 the rumors would suggest is likely to be more powerful as a CPU, less power from the gpu as compared to a5x/a6 iPad 3/HD soc.  At this point both would are well optimized for their current respective OS bottlenecks. I'd expect 1gb of ram but 2gb would be welcome with the high resolution rendering requirements of the iPad 3. 
I think we are about a year away from mobile gpgpu implementation, it will be interesting to see if the iPad HD will be able to execute gpgpu tasks in future iOS releases.

Friday, February 17, 2012

.14 update ota tf201

There's a new update for transformer prime users.  Asynchronous cpu clocks and more low level stability from driver changes.  Haven't had to wait on the browser but I still have occasional last used apps screen flicker while widgets on screen.
Battery stats now reportedly working.  Much more stable than the transformer prime .13 update. Suspected longer battery life though wifi toggling is at times needed to reconnect to last network. Forums

Thursday, February 16, 2012


All current 3D TVs I've experienced offer increased depth of picture, but less eye popping visuals than movie theater technology such as Real3D or IMAX 3D. 

I'd expect to see autostereoscopic 3D tablets at the end of 2012.

SONY EX 500, EX 700, HX700 at a glance

The Sony EX Series are an entry level TV using tried and true LCD technology.  The EX 500 incorporates 120hz interpolation, bravia engine 2 or 3 depending on locality and offers an excellent picture with well regulated backlighting. 
EX700 is basically a thin EX 500 utilizing edge lighting.  The form factor is excellent but the backlight uniformity on the 500 is better than the 700.  The EX 700 is one of the first Sony Smart TVs
The HX has a great picture but is fairly rare in america.  It features gorilla glass over the LCD and in my opinion offers better picture than the EX700 and 500. 

Asus Prime Review

Cliff Notes:
  • Extremely fast and capable device, very close to computer productivity
  • Beautiful SUPER IPS display easy to read in direct sunlight
  • Model thin design, but hampers radio communications
  • ACASE makes a great cover for this thing
  • Fantastic Battery Life
  • Great cameras, very good video conferencing device
  • No bloat, ICS 4.03
  • Limited Availability, Some RF Flaws, No 3G radio, Keyboard Available

HTC Rezound Review

Cliff Notes:
  • Great screen, remincent of a nice Sony/Samsung TV with incredible density
  • Great sound
  • Terrible battery life while navigating
  • Terrific Radios
  • Very Fast in Dual Core Mode