Sunday, May 20, 2012

new transformer prime firmware to be released soon

Asus rep Gary Key confirmed that a new transformer prime firmware is to be released soon.  this new firmware for transformer prime tf201 should be numbered .25 or later and is the result of recent collaboration of between google nvidia and asus.  this should result in low level kernel tweaks.  will this be the end of ANR errors and reboots?

asus is rolling out update to two test groups (small then larger testing base) before general ota release.

For technical guys (excessive Political Correctness be darned) this update may be the answers to our wish list -- beta testers are under a "cone of silence" but some good tidbits have been hinted:

  1. Processor Scheduling is reworked
  2. I/O scheduling and performance may be better (hopefully much better)
  3. Kernel is said to be completely reworked (thus the two levels of testing?)
  4. General testing has commenced which means we may see this update soon
I would also bet on face unlock showing its, well, face but compared to the above that is fairly low on my wishlist.  In fact I couldn't care less about face unlock for various practical and privacy reasons.

Another few items on my wishlist:
  1. google let us own our own usage data and allow us to delete it if we so desire
  2. allow us to opt out of your persons profiling engine (especially if we don't utilize your services)
I may be getting carried away, one step at a time...


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