Friday, August 22, 2014

Virtual Call Center: VCC

In continuing our notes of "non-luxury" technology we will look at the Virtual Call Center (henceforth VCC) technology and market place. 

VCC is a web based solution, off-premise cloud SaaS offering replicating many traditional on premise call center technology stacks.  The stack often includes Automatic Call Distribution (henceforth ACD), Interactive Voice Response, computer telephony integration (henceforth CTI), Predictive Dialers, and associated Call Center Analytics.  Please refer to the IVR Call Center Glossary for more information on terms. 

Although many of these solutions are still for medium businesses, there could a time when the cloud based delivery allows for the prosumerization of these products like ACD to be used in households, small business, and medium-sized traditionally phone averse businesses.  A forward moving cell phone company may start to implement some "VCC" tech as well if it helps users lives become easier and establishes a USP.  All of this may mean that VCC can be expanded down market in the future.

Rolex President Quickset vs Double Quickset 180 vs 182 and 1182

The Rolex president

from it's inception has always been very expensive.  A halo flagship designed to appeal to the "men who change the world."

For whatever reasons Steel Sport Rolex' just took off in terms of used value vs the Gold Rolex models (aside from rare ones).  The low residuals mean buying a modern solid Gold Rolex is not terribly expensive.  Someone once calculated the melt weight of a Rolex President is approximately 1/3 to 2/3rds the total cost depending on the market which means there is a lot of value in the President line.  Let's look at two that posses great value:

180*** Single Quick-set Rolex President vs 182 Double Quickset Rolex President

The Single Quickset Rolex President ran until the late 80s.  The difference between the single and double quickset don't seem to be great, since the day and date are both instant changers (e.g. they don't do the slow "9pm -3am date change" the date and day flip instantly simultaneously.  The advantage of the double quickset seems to be in setting vs a completely different movement but I will check into this. 

Both Rolex President models feature Sapphire Crystal and similar case dimensions.  1182 has solid presidential bracelet which should be reliable and less prone to stretching vs early Rolex Presidents.