Monday, July 7, 2014

Rolex GMT Master II 16710 Notes

  1. Very Nice Movement 
  2. Keeps Excellent time in multiple locations 
  3. Useful trizone computation, quick hour jump, and 24 hour home zone 
  4. Light and easy to wear
  5. Reliable Functionality 
  • Better bracelets available from other manufactures 
  • Dials and bezels subject to discoloration 
  • Bracelets subject to stretching, popping open (you can get an AD to tighten them down) 
  • You can trade out bezel inserts
  • You may want to just buy it new for 2k more.  

Google Glass App Steals Passwords

It's been noted that some "crafty" individuals have stolen passwords with google glass "applications."  I wonder what google and the government is "stealing", I mean parsing....

Lot's of individuals I work with have google glass, I never see any of them use it.