Friday, February 24, 2012

Tf201 .15 update released

New transformer prime update available ota .15 as of posting date in USA. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

asus coming out with .15 update soon to further address rebooting problem on tf201

As title indicates

Gameloft makes more gsmes compatible with transformer prime tf201

As title indicates gameloft has officially supported more games on the tf201.  Hopefully more to come, 9mm is currently supported, mc3 not yet.

Transformer tf101 ICS released

ICS is currently rolling out as an ota update in Taiwan for the tf101.

Transformer Prime Tf201 unlocked bootloader tool released by asus

As Asus promised after backlash for locking the bootloader , an unlock boot loader tool had been released.  This is exciting news for devs as the best tablet currently available, despite its issues, could benefit from homegrown roms. I believe Asus will void warranties if this tool is utilized, proceed accordingly with a device that does have some nagging issues to be worked out.
There seems to be a lot of recent dev activity over at xda and similar for Google's current android flagship device.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A5X or A6 iPad 3/iPad HD expect a big improvement in gpu compute performance

With ICS we are already seeing smooth mobile gpu rendering in more (2d) tasks but the next generation of high performance low power devices will utilize gpgpu and offload tasks far more often to the gpu. This will make mobile devices much more capable if executed properly. 
There are rumors that the ipad 3/hd will be a dual core soc with greatly improved gpu capability.  The rumors make sense at this point, that apple would focus on an improved gpu to not only keep up with the pixel requirements of the new retina displays (great implementation Jobs) but actually be bolstered enough to take on an expanded role in the mobile compute requirements and 2D rendering in applications such as html5.  I think the addition of enhanced gpu cores & vram or a much faster ram path to gpu is more likely than a quad core CPU or an lte radio, although they would both be welcome.
The tegra 3 the rumors would suggest is likely to be more powerful as a CPU, less power from the gpu as compared to a5x/a6 iPad 3/HD soc.  At this point both would are well optimized for their current respective OS bottlenecks. I'd expect 1gb of ram but 2gb would be welcome with the high resolution rendering requirements of the iPad 3. 
I think we are about a year away from mobile gpgpu implementation, it will be interesting to see if the iPad HD will be able to execute gpgpu tasks in future iOS releases.

Friday, February 17, 2012

.14 update ota tf201

There's a new update for transformer prime users.  Asynchronous cpu clocks and more low level stability from driver changes.  Haven't had to wait on the browser but I still have occasional last used apps screen flicker while widgets on screen.
Battery stats now reportedly working.  Much more stable than the transformer prime .13 update. Suspected longer battery life though wifi toggling is at times needed to reconnect to last network. Forums

Thursday, February 16, 2012


All current 3D TVs I've experienced offer increased depth of picture, but less eye popping visuals than movie theater technology such as Real3D or IMAX 3D. 

I'd expect to see autostereoscopic 3D tablets at the end of 2012.

SONY EX 500, EX 700, HX700 at a glance

The Sony EX Series are an entry level TV using tried and true LCD technology.  The EX 500 incorporates 120hz interpolation, bravia engine 2 or 3 depending on locality and offers an excellent picture with well regulated backlighting. 
EX700 is basically a thin EX 500 utilizing edge lighting.  The form factor is excellent but the backlight uniformity on the 500 is better than the 700.  The EX 700 is one of the first Sony Smart TVs
The HX has a great picture but is fairly rare in america.  It features gorilla glass over the LCD and in my opinion offers better picture than the EX700 and 500. 

Asus Prime Review

Cliff Notes:
  • Extremely fast and capable device, very close to computer productivity
  • Beautiful SUPER IPS display easy to read in direct sunlight
  • Model thin design, but hampers radio communications
  • ACASE makes a great cover for this thing
  • Fantastic Battery Life
  • Great cameras, very good video conferencing device
  • No bloat, ICS 4.03
  • Limited Availability, Some RF Flaws, No 3G radio, Keyboard Available

HTC Rezound Review

Cliff Notes:
  • Great screen, remincent of a nice Sony/Samsung TV with incredible density
  • Great sound
  • Terrible battery life while navigating
  • Terrific Radios
  • Very Fast in Dual Core Mode