Monday, April 30, 2012

How To Root Transformer Prime TF201 running latest firmware .21 or Downgrade to other Firmware with LOCKED BOOTLOADER

Please excuse the irratic nature of the posts on this blog.  Most often I post remotely from a pad or celly to try to break news quickly.  However, this is such a great tool for Transformer owners that I thought I would take Wolfs (Wolf849 on xda) excellent work and rewrite it in native and easy to understand english.  As I understand it Wolf is from Pakistan, his writing is pretty good but not perhaps great for an english speaking person who has never rooted before.  Also please note no one takes any responsibility here if you choose to undertake something with your device but yourself.   

Before we begin let me say that dev's work like this is the best thing about Android, and I would strongly suggest donating some money to Wolf if you're so inclined.  Personally, Thanks Wolf!

I just rooted my TF201 this morning it took about 90 minutes but I think you could execute this in about 30 minutes if you were good.

Original Source References

  • Go to support site and download your localities firmware. 
    • If you like honeycomb or any specific build download it
    • If you are trying to root pick an ICS based firmware of .15 or .17
  • Extract the file TWICE to the root of your internal memory (mnt  /sdcard not external SD Card) on the TF201
    • If done properly there will be a "blob" file of about 500MB
  • Download ViperMod Tools here 
    • extract to a convient location as we will use this for ADB Access
  • Put your Transformer Prime into "USB Debugging" under settings-> dev options
  • Connect your Transformer Prime into your computer and open up "Device Manager"
  • Click on ADB Android Device with red exclaimation mark,
    • update driver,
      • point to the folder "Something Drivers"
        • within ViperMod Download
  • Also update the other "Transformer Prime" Device drivers in the same manner
  • Start an administrator command prompt
    • type cmd in the windows search if you're not familiar and right click
  • navigate with cd.. and cd to the directory of ViperMod Tools Download or whatever its called
  • See if you can start to work by typing "ADB DEVICES"
    • If you can't its likely a driver issue, please google ADB help
  • Enter ADB Shell, by typing "ADB SHELL"
  • Enter following commands with return after each line
  • mv /data/local/tmp /data/local/tmp.bak
    ln -s /dev/block/mmcblk0p4 /data/local/tmp
  • adb reboot
  • As device restarts when on the second ASUS "aspiring alliteration" splash screen when the backlight dims you should be able to enter ADB with the device again
  • check by typing "ADB SHELL" until it enters
  • Type this command
  • dd if=/sdcard/blob of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p4
  • IF IT DOES NOTHING YOU ARE WINNING and DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT DOING ANYTHING wait for a few minutes to prompt you with this:
    • 1066806+1 records in
    • 1066806+1 records out
    • 546204969 bytes transferred in 250.309 secs (2182122 bytes/sec)
      • or something in that form
  • then type "exit"
  • and "ADB Reboot"
  • you may get stuck in a bootloop if you downgrade too far (ICS to HC), if this happens WOLF reccomends:
    • In some cases flashing previous firmware leaves data partition intact.
      • I suggest to clean it by booting with [vol down] and [power] pressed (you will see the info about the rom). Than wait until the screen with android and wipe data appear. Select wipe by switching with [vol down] and accepting with [vol up] pressed two times. It mostly happen when downgrading to HC from ICS.
If you are trying to root .21 follow the following steps:
  • Enter ViperMOD tools by clicking the appropriate .exe file within ViperMod Download
  • Once you get Super User download VOODOO OTA ROOTKEEPER (sorry its only a google play link-- dislike)
  • it will tell you if Super User has been properly granted permissions with a check mark and a button that says "Backup Super User" or something
  • Do that
    • exit the re-enter to ensure that SU has been properly backedup
  • Go to settings->about tablet-> software update and update when it prompts you
  • Click on OTA Rootkeeper on the newly updated Pad
    • Click "Restore Root"
  • Do a hard reset- hold power button and volume down until the device turns off then begins to boot
  • Try to wipe cache settings if you can with Rom Toolbox or similar

I know there are typos but fuck it I'm going to the pool.


    1. definately and its nice again today!

    2. Awesome! Which strokes do you swim?

    3. If all goes well the breast stroke

    4. Hi, does it work with UNLOCKED TP? And what should I do, if it doesn't?

    5. You have a couple of options for Unlocked TP:
      1) Install a pre-rooted ROM like Virtuous
      2) There is a similar method downgrade method but that's really only useful if you love Honey Comb or something, to get the latest rooted I would just flash a pre-rooted ROM.

      I'll try to put some links up to how to unlock flash and load ROMs for rooted devices.

    6. when i enter the code it says:

      C:\Users\user\Desktop\New folder>mv /data/local/tmp /data/local/tmp.bak
      'mv' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
      operable program or batch file.

      New folder is where i extracted the viperMod tools, what am i doing wrong?

    7. @gabriel: sounds like you are in Windows command promt and not ADB SHELL.