Friday, August 17, 2012

2012 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe Review

  • Very fast
  • great construction
  • great suspension geometry
  • sticky stock tires
  • Awesome magnetic suspension really does provide a fast active ride
  • Great interior dual color seats with suede/leather recaro racing seats
  • Stereo has a lot of media options but sounds like shit
  • heavy steering with lots of natural grip, much easier to drive fast then say an XKR
  • Maximum road usable speed I'd put at 165mph, any faster isn't really going to be safe on roads except for perhaps in the middle of New Mexico or similar
  • poor mans high end lambo
  • Lots of untapped power from the engine, a new supercharger pulley will get you insane highend speed with Horsepower close to 700hp at the expense of low end, however the car is fast enough where you don't feel the trade off

Want to shop for your CTS-V, check out Amazon's Cadillac Central

2013 A4 Review: Cliff Notes

  • Beautiful Auto, classic elegant lines, LED pipe/tube headlights, great ass
  • Very well constructed, excellent fit and finish
  • Smooth 8-speed automatic, but I like the DSG in the A3 and others more as its more responsive and provides more power to the wheels
  • Smooth riding car, not as fast as say an A3 which feels more like a go cart 
  • beautiful interior (much better than an A3, not as nice as a Q5),
  • The sunglass holder sucks assuming you're not rocking 1990s vintage oakleys
I'll get some pictures up, its a really pretty car, the best looking A4/80 ever.  Really looks as good as an A5 and that says a lot.

Amazon's Audi Page

Sunday, August 12, 2012

iClarity HD Review vs Clarity HD

Going back to the old style Cliff Notes review here's our breakdown of the iClarity HD vs Clarity HD

  1. The differences between the Clarity HD and iClarity HD are not merely cosmetic.  If you have android get the Clarity HD.  If you have iOS get the iClarity HD.  I am not sure why but they do not sound good paired the other way.  Yes they will pair, they will play but the sound is not as good, perhaps even bad.
  2. Good sound out of a small package but does not sound as good as larger form factor offerings
  3. Charges quickly plays music for a while
Quick Tip get these at Amazon they retail around $50-65 right now versus $129 MSRP. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fix Transformer Prime, Infinity Wifi Does Not Turn On

For those who have had trouble with "turning on wifi" on the Transformer series thankfully there is a simple fix. 

Please backup your data to external SD
Open the Settings App
Choose Backup & reset
Choose Factory Data Reset

If you are unlocked please also look at flashing a new ROM

I've had this issue and can confirm that this clears it. It's almost too simple to post but perhaps it will help the google visitor who is looking for a fix!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

TF201 Update Coming to address I/O Performance issues

Transformer Owners Rejoice.  The I/O issues that have plagued the TF201 and perhaps the TF300 and TF700t are about to be officially addressed by ASUS via a new firmware update.  Developers have linked the issue to SQLite syncing with the Tegra 3 chip. 

Although ASUS has confirmed the update and its focus on I/O performance issues they have not revealed if it is going to be rolled into a Jelly Bean update or a ICS update.

Overall this should help the perceived responsiveness of the Tegra 3 Transformer Line. UPDATE 12/12/12: Although ASUS has promised this they have not really delivered. They are unlocking higher core speed though via OTA...