Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Brazil Speaks out Against Pervasive USA IP Surveillance

Brazil has suggested that not only citizens who are not the subject of investigation not be subject to electronic profiling and data collection of medical records, credit records, emails, text messages, phone calls, criminal records, and everything else parsable, but that US Allied countries should not be subject to pervasive profiling and spying as well.   Google is helping the US out immensely with its aggregation and profiling already in place.

This speech was made to the UN immediately before Obama spoke. 

HTC to use S4 Pro, again.

HTC has tapped the S4 Pro once again, over the newer, slightly more powerful but same architecture S4 600 and 800.

It has been reported that this move is slated because of shortages of  newer Snapdragon S4 600 800.  While these new models were likely planned with the newer S4 chips the move showcases how powerful the S4 Pro was for it's time, and how it's still a modern mobile CPU.   

iPhone 5c Not Selling as Well as Expected

iPhone 5c not selling well?  Although it is clearly too early to say anything definitive, thats never stopped me from posting on the internet.  Ok so sources speaking on conditions of anonymity have suggested the iPhone 5c is not selling as well as anticipated, alluding to less than expected pre-orders and early sales.  However, the iPhone 5c is an international phone it will take some time for us to get good/official numbers. 

This may not be a condemnation of Apples product although it certainly didn't wow anyone with few new features introduced and a higher than anticipated base price, but rather an indicator the mobile phone space may be slowing down as we also saw the Galaxy 4s not sell to expectations either. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

iPhone 5S doesn't have "Console Quality Graphics" Despite Claims, Reviews off by >200%

I see splashed everywhere that the iPhone 5S has Console Quality Graphics.  I think this is based on clips that featured extremely quick cuts.  I'm not trying to be a "hater" but here's the thing, based on the numbers and power game the iPhone 5S won't and can't afford the power draw it would take to match the power hungry GPUs in consoles. 

If the A6 and A5X and A7 and A8 were actually as powerful as consoles (as claimed) we would see common benchmarks such as polygon fill across devices.  Even if it can support some of the same feature sets its not that impressive because the current generation of consoles is quite old, the PS4 will set a very high bar for "console graphics". 

If we go with 2x graphics performance 5s/5 claim than we can say Apple can do 150million triangles per second (offscreen 1080p) vs approximately 500million triangles/s for the Xbox 360.  We are getting close but the Apple pushes lots of pixels with constraints of a battery, and in the case of the PS3 the Cell does a lot of the graphical work. The GPU's in consoles also feature various special features including low level tessellation optimizations and such which isn't built into mobile GPUs. 

Is the iPhone 5c going to be better than the iPhone 5s

Possibly, if the "secure enclave" of the iPhone is actually some sort of hypervisor that takes up processing power.   In other words if there is an additional DRM layer there may be a performance penalty that equalizes the real world performance of the devices. 

Although the battery life on LTE will likely be better.  I'm not sure advanced gyro does much but track you more.  Unless you work out often the cost benefit of privacy of potential always on gyro may be unattractive.