Thursday, March 21, 2013

Why you should want a 4K Passive 3D TV

I think overall most experts agree the viewing experience on Passive 3D TVs is faster, more convenient, comfortable, and natural. The problem with these Passive 3D TVs is that they essentially cut down the visual information presented to each eye in half which Active 3D doesn't do.  Text looks sharper, details have less artifacts with Active 3D technology which presents 1080p to both eyes via active shutters.

A 4K Passive 3D TV can present 1080p image to both eyes with all the other advantages of a Passive 3D image.  Such an advance would be very notable when screens are larger than 60".

Although 4k is all the rage, I'll hope for a 4K Passive 3d TV soon.

Next Genration Tablet Wishlist

I commented before how current tablets are not much better than the TF201 released almost two years ago now.  Certainly ASUS could have bolstered my case by using NAND that wasn't complete dog shit.  Now though with Tegra 4 details and reference hardware being tested I hope we find that these issues get addressed which got me thinking what else would I want to see. 

Here is my wishlist for what we can only assume will be the upcoming Asus Transformer Pii: 
  1. Tegra 4 relatively unlocked
  2. 4GB Fast Shared System RAM or 2GB RAM and dedicated 512MB VRAM
  3. NAND subsystem that writes and reads fast and consistent across data sizes and randomness with good data reliability (cough ASUS)
  4. 2K Passive 3D Output via HDMI with lossless audio (I am waiting for a 2K passive 3D TV).
  5. >1080p super IPS or better (ASUS really got this right imo)
What are your most wanted features of the next gen tablet?

HTC One Confirmed for Verizon Wireless

The phone that HTC president bets his job on is now confirmed for release on Verizon Wireless.  This is great news HTC makes good stuff, but you have to question its integrity from foreign espionage based on US reports.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Google RSS Feeder doesn't mean the end of RSS

First Google should release the code to its RSS reader, don't be evil.

Second the end of Google RSS feeder is not the end of RSS on any level.  On a consumer level an RSS Newsreader was just bought a few days before by for serious cash.  On a backend level so much of what google now does relies on RSS.  Most of their shopping system is based on this.  Many other technologies are also built upon RSS delivery including lazy ticket aggregators like

So much relies on RSS it isn't going anywhere despite what lazy journalism has to say. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

SOG Stingray 2.0

The SOG Stingray 2.0 is a gentleman's knife from a primarily tactical supplier which makes for an interesting knife.  It's smaller than most SOGs with higher quality handle materials.  The ARC lock has a bit of play when opening with one hand.  The thumbstud on the Carbon Fiber version I believe is Carbon Fiber and not abalone.  The Stingray is a mini Tomcat 3.0 with upgraded materials.

The inlays are real materials and the epoxy cover even captures air bubbles uniformly across the 3 dimensional carbon fiber. The Stingray is covered in brushed stainless its nice though I'd like to see contrasting polished stainless edges as found on a Breitling. 

The blade is very sharp and as a thinner knife than SOG usually makes cutting tests seem easier.  Truly this is the SOG to get if you want to cut pieces of paper.  

Other than that its a very nice execution with extremely nice opening play when using the thumbstud (although it is one sided so opening on the offhand is offlimits).  For those who like to ARC Lock fling their blades would be better with a San Mai Vulcan Tanto or the SOG Toothlock

I'll get more pics up and comment about its durability. 

Range Rover Review:New & Used Range Rover Buying Guide

The Range Rover is one of the most iconic cars in history.  It is supremely capable while being luxurious.  The real purpose of the Range Rover is to have a car that can luxuriously get "important" people anywhere.

The Rover is not exactly reliable although it is durable.  The difference may seem like splitting hairs but its evident when you look at the parts used on a Range Rover which often exceed 1/2 and 3/4 ton trucks compared to a reliable toyota which use small cheap parts well put together and constantly improved. 

Range Rover's marketing material once mentioned it was a "heritage" vehicle, one that would be suitable to give to your kids.  The truth is it doesn't fall far from that mark, its heavily built with gorgeous materials and good multipurpose driving dynamics.  If you're okay fixing them and performing the extensive maintenance called for they will last a long time.  The Air Suspension has been soaking up bumps for two decades (before the Jeep Grand Cherokee), the electronics are sealed like no other truck I've ever seen, it offroads like a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon while driving like its on rails.

SOG Toothlock

The SOG toothlock is the cheapest way to get the best blade materials SOG currently carries.  The SOG Toothlock can be found for about $60 shipped at this price you will find san mai VG-10 core sandwiched between 420j steel.  The blade has a bit of a kick start with a piston lock employed.  I haven't seen this "piston lock" on any other knife from SOG and it appears to be similar in construction and lockup to the ARC Lock, which is to say excellent. 

The sides are zytel covered steel skeleton liner with aggressive grip pattern.  So aggressive that it has caused premature wear to my pants from inside the pocket or clip. The blade shape is awesome, its small but thick with a recurve that aides in cutting.

Overall the Toothlock is excellent at $60 and offers premium Japanese Chef Knife materials in a legal, and decidedly tactical package. 

The Long Reign of the TF201 TF700

I first got a TF201 off of a hidden friends and family page Christmas 2011.  Although there were faults it was still the best tablet out there.  The TF201 was king of the tablet market during its production run despite the slow NAND, questionable build quality, and lackluster radios. 

The TF700 came out, essentially supplanting the TF201 with approximately 2x the pixels.  It was the first Full HD screen in the high end android market and man it was bright and beautiful.  It's ability to shine bright even in the sun still set it apart in the market.

Now approximately two years later essentially the same model has remained as one of the top choices in the Android Tablet realm.  Yes there are other tablets out there that have some better features, but all around there isn't a hands down better tablet right now and thats nuts in what is essentially the "Model T" era of Tablets.  

I've been looking for a new tablet because my TF700 NAND is unfortunately unstable and it crashes wiping all the data and putting it into a bootloop.  I've lost essential information multiple times and it makes me think Android is still not ready for prime time in terms of essential business processing. 

Where is the next generation of quad core tablet with fast NAND, FULL HD+ screen, 2 or 4GB of RAM?