Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Long Reign of the TF201 TF700

I first got a TF201 off of a hidden friends and family Bestbuy.com page Christmas 2011.  Although there were faults it was still the best tablet out there.  The TF201 was king of the tablet market during its production run despite the slow NAND, questionable build quality, and lackluster radios. 

The TF700 came out, essentially supplanting the TF201 with approximately 2x the pixels.  It was the first Full HD screen in the high end android market and man it was bright and beautiful.  It's ability to shine bright even in the sun still set it apart in the market.

Now approximately two years later essentially the same model has remained as one of the top choices in the Android Tablet realm.  Yes there are other tablets out there that have some better features, but all around there isn't a hands down better tablet right now and thats nuts in what is essentially the "Model T" era of Tablets.  

I've been looking for a new tablet because my TF700 NAND is unfortunately unstable and it crashes wiping all the data and putting it into a bootloop.  I've lost essential information multiple times and it makes me think Android is still not ready for prime time in terms of essential business processing. 

Where is the next generation of quad core tablet with fast NAND, FULL HD+ screen, 2 or 4GB of RAM? 

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