Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Range Rover Review:New & Used Range Rover Buying Guide

The Range Rover is one of the most iconic cars in history.  It is supremely capable while being luxurious.  The real purpose of the Range Rover is to have a car that can luxuriously get "important" people anywhere.

The Rover is not exactly reliable although it is durable.  The difference may seem like splitting hairs but its evident when you look at the parts used on a Range Rover which often exceed 1/2 and 3/4 ton trucks compared to a reliable toyota which use small cheap parts well put together and constantly improved. 

Range Rover's marketing material once mentioned it was a "heritage" vehicle, one that would be suitable to give to your kids.  The truth is it doesn't fall far from that mark, its heavily built with gorgeous materials and good multipurpose driving dynamics.  If you're okay fixing them and performing the extensive maintenance called for they will last a long time.  The Air Suspension has been soaking up bumps for two decades (before the Jeep Grand Cherokee), the electronics are sealed like no other truck I've ever seen, it offroads like a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon while driving like its on rails.

Do not buy a Range Rover if:
  • you can't or don't know anyone to help you work on it 
  • you don't want to perform expensive preventative maintenance
  • you don't want to perform expensive repairs
  • you don't love the Range Rover -- the RR is very close to having a soul, perhaps through all the love transferred to materials during construction, it will not like you and will not drive well for you

Here are some highlights to guide your purchase of a used Range Rover:
  • Classics and P38's are cheaper to work on, the air suspension is easily rebuilt. 1999.5 Range Rovers get Bosch electronics
  • L322 are reportedly more reliable but more expensive when they break
  • L322 2003-2006 have BMW 4.4L making 280 hp through a ZF 5speed
  • L322 2005 has the MOST Fiber Optics with upgraded radio
  • L322 2006 has the 4.4L Jaguar Engine and ZF 6 speed-- this is a fantastic truck engine, it just keeps pulling and pulls harder despite terrain.  Exactly what you want for hill climbs.  2006+ has better ground clearance by .4" and better offroad angels.  It can wade up to 27.5" although some sources still cite 21" figure.  2006 drive train is generally considered reliable (incredible for a range rover). 
  • L322 2007 gets the Terrain Response System, loses about 2" of articulation, gets optional electronic locking rear differential. Interior gets a bit more wear resistant
  • L322 2010 gets the big 5.0 liter jag engine @ 375hp. 
  • 2013 goes on a diet while remaining good offroad, all models have big brakes, 5.0 liter engines, and RSE touchscreen remote. 
  • 2014 base gets a smaller supercharged V6 making 25 or so less hp, big brakes are now only found on the superchager, and the touchscreen remote may be gone
  • Check out Range Rover Model Year Changes for more details, in general Range Rovers models are typically kept a while and updated regularly. 

Three tips if you own a Range Rover:
P38 Range Rover in CO
2" lift on air, 33" bfg at tires

I don't own this pic or know where its from but what a set up -- i will take down this awesomeness if requested.

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