Tuesday, March 5, 2013

SOG Stingray 2.0

The SOG Stingray 2.0 is a gentleman's knife from a primarily tactical supplier which makes for an interesting knife.  It's smaller than most SOGs with higher quality handle materials.  The ARC lock has a bit of play when opening with one hand.  The thumbstud on the Carbon Fiber version I believe is Carbon Fiber and not abalone.  The Stingray is a mini Tomcat 3.0 with upgraded materials.

The inlays are real materials and the epoxy cover even captures air bubbles uniformly across the 3 dimensional carbon fiber. The Stingray is covered in brushed stainless its nice though I'd like to see contrasting polished stainless edges as found on a Breitling. 

The blade is very sharp and as a thinner knife than SOG usually makes cutting tests seem easier.  Truly this is the SOG to get if you want to cut pieces of paper.  

Other than that its a very nice execution with extremely nice opening play when using the thumbstud (although it is one sided so opening on the offhand is offlimits).  For those who like to ARC Lock fling their blades would be better with a San Mai Vulcan Tanto or the SOG Toothlock

I'll get more pics up and comment about its durability. 

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