Thursday, March 21, 2013

Next Genration Tablet Wishlist

I commented before how current tablets are not much better than the TF201 released almost two years ago now.  Certainly ASUS could have bolstered my case by using NAND that wasn't complete dog shit.  Now though with Tegra 4 details and reference hardware being tested I hope we find that these issues get addressed which got me thinking what else would I want to see. 

Here is my wishlist for what we can only assume will be the upcoming Asus Transformer Pii: 
  1. Tegra 4 relatively unlocked
  2. 4GB Fast Shared System RAM or 2GB RAM and dedicated 512MB VRAM
  3. NAND subsystem that writes and reads fast and consistent across data sizes and randomness with good data reliability (cough ASUS)
  4. 2K Passive 3D Output via HDMI with lossless audio (I am waiting for a 2K passive 3D TV).
  5. >1080p super IPS or better (ASUS really got this right imo)
What are your most wanted features of the next gen tablet?

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