Tuesday, March 5, 2013

SOG Toothlock

The SOG toothlock is the cheapest way to get the best blade materials SOG currently carries.  The SOG Toothlock can be found for about $60 shipped at this price you will find san mai VG-10 core sandwiched between 420j steel.  The blade has a bit of a kick start with a piston lock employed.  I haven't seen this "piston lock" on any other knife from SOG and it appears to be similar in construction and lockup to the ARC Lock, which is to say excellent. 

The sides are zytel covered steel skeleton liner with aggressive grip pattern.  So aggressive that it has caused premature wear to my pants from inside the pocket or clip. The blade shape is awesome, its small but thick with a recurve that aides in cutting.

Overall the Toothlock is excellent at $60 and offers premium Japanese Chef Knife materials in a legal, and decidedly tactical package. 

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