Monday, October 22, 2012

Slow Asus Infinity tf700? Try Data2SD

If you're reading this then you already know, the tf700 I/O performance is terrible.  fordwolden on XDA has released a tool to move the Data partition off of the slow internal memoy and on to faster MicroSD memory.

This is more involved procedure than flashing a ROM but a rewarding one.  The overall smoothness running this mod is notable. 

Check out the forum post here: 

I'll try to expand on his directions here and there but basically, you have to prepare the card with 2 active partitions one NTFS/exFat/FAT32/etc and one ext2 or ext4 with disabled journaling (post 3-- if you don't do this on CleanRom you get an "Encryption failed"), run the instructions on ADB/Terminal. 

I haven't updated Roms or other general maintance though I plan to provide feedback once I do.

EDIT: There have been a lot of updates.  There is an alternate version and you now just have to flash versus terminal terminating.  A different version, perhaps its a bit more robust than previous versions. 

12/12/12 Update: So this crashed on me hard after a power cycle.  It turns out that I had a failing MicroSD but it did happen on vacation and it was a pain in the ass when it doesn't turn on.


  1. The link to the flash version of data2sd takes you to Clemsyn Kernels.

  2. some of those kernels has data2sd built in.