Friday, December 28, 2018

Tech21 Macbook Pro Case Initial Impressions & Review Coming

I picked up a tech21 MacBook Pro case at the suggestion of an awesome Genius bar attendant.  I have fitted the case, and the initial fitting is quite good with minimal play on the screen corners.

Jura A9 Espresso Machine

I started drinking coffee about 20 years ago around 14 years old.  I've had several machines in that time, many I was happy with including a Keruig Vue, Starbucks capsule system (?), Nespresso Pixie, Capresso Semi automatic, Delonghini Manual Espresso Machine, Krups Machine, various pour overs and french press machines.  I liked my nespresso much more than a Keurig and many drip machines it didn't hold a candle to the Jura and stumbled when making espresso in succession.  One day I tried my espresso at my friends house and it blew me away.

I couldn't get the espresso out of my head.  I just couldn't forget it.  I texted what kind of machine and coffee was that -- "Lavazza, Jura C60" was the reply.

I knew Lavazza coffee, it's a middle of the line coffee, that is fairly good but not extraordinary so it had to be the machine.

I know I am going to get a lot of flack from purists here, but that machine made a heck of a cup.   I set out on a quest of soul searching to decide if a four digit coffee machine was worth it.  And to be honest I waivered, seeing my self-made grandfather's old and simple coffee machines and washing machines in their mansion, made me realize, buying expensive things which can be easily substituted with less expensive variants isn't the way to being able to afford a great house.  There's a revenue issue of course but if you buy a ton of Rolexes it's hard to buy and maintain a big house, which is not easily substituted.

This revelation was tempered by the expense of the Nespresso Pods.  Three original pods a day from Nespresso is more than $700 per year, $.7 cost per pod * 3 pods per day * 365 days per year = $766.50 cost for pods for a year.  Running through the numbers the breakeven with a ~$1400 Jura would occur some time in year 2 depending on the type of coffee used in the Jura.

Doing excessive amounts of research including asking on forums yielded many happy Jura owners and small nuggets of advice, most notably:

1) Adjust grinder when it is running
2) Use light or medium roast coffee in Superautomatics
3) Check the coffee before using in a superautomatic for rocks or debris

I ended up purchasing the A9 because it was available from Costco and their satisfaction policy provided confidence to buy such a machine.

Although it wasn't shipped for a few days, once it was shipped it arrived the next day from NY.  I read the instruction manual and fired up the machine.   I heard negative reviews about how much the machine rinsed, but honestly, I like things to be clean so this was a positive for me.

The first drink was a double macchiato and it was awesome.  Some people said the milk was hot some said too cold, but since research has revealed coffee might be good for you but hot drinks aren't the temperature felt right in the range of what I wanted, hot but not too hot.

The coffee at first was a bit bitter, so I increased the size of the grind to a point where I enjoyed the flavor without most of the bitterness.

The touchscreen had a bit of lag compared to an iPhone XS but was very quick and informative, explaining the process throughout a brew.

Next I had a cappuccino and then a straight espresso.  All were very good.  On the way I have some La Colombe coffee which one of my favorite independent coffee shops, Weather Gage, brought to my attention.

I was surprised by how much my kids liked the machine, they don't even drink coffee but were interested in the touch screen various rinses and things it does.

I'll update this review in the future but for now I really enjoy it.

Thanks for reading.