Friday, December 19, 2014

DTS NEO:X Review

UPDATE: DTS:X will likely use DTS NEO:X instructions as a basis for 11 discrete channels.

Then use extra location data for object located sounds in the extra speakers. 

DTS NEO:X 11.1 Heights Review

Upmixing solutions in the past left a lot to be desired, leaving many purists to stick with discrete channels versus extrapolated or matrixed channels.    Can DTS NEO:X satisfy the purists?   I wanted to review NEO:X because there isn't much out there about it.  Let us find out.

NEO:X I believe has a max input of 7.1 @ 32-bit @ 48khz designed to run on SHARC.  The performance of the setup is based on horse-power in processing intermixed signals.  A good 11.1 system can output 32 different modes taking in up to 7.1 and putting out between 2.1 and 11.1. NEO:X is primarily an upmixer but it is more than that with the ability to matrix 11 channels from 7.1.  The matrix ability is excellent in terms of sending directional sound, but I have not heard it be discrete despite DTS claims.

DTS NEO:X puts out excellent upmixing ability is in addition to the its 11.1 directional matrix ability.