Monday, February 10, 2014

Basel 2014 Breitling Preview

Super Ocean Chronograph Blacksteel /1000
Chronomat GMT 44 Patrouille Suisse

TF-701T Infinity Arrives

The TF-701T is the upgrade to the TF-700t continuing the line of the TF201.  It comes with a new Tegra 4, nearly 2k display, and 2GB DDR3.  Rumors are that the stuttering is gone but that it isn't as fast or polished as an iPad Air.  Some forum members suggest it has docking issues that the TF700 didn't because of the new connector which also precludes the use of the TF201 / TF700 Keyboard. 

At $400 it seems to be a good bang per buck.  With super high resolutions there will be some GPU bottleneck issues in 3D.

IP Fragmentation PS4 Link Connection

If your PS4 link is slow make sure your router supports IP Fragmentation.  You can check this by running an Internet Connection Test from Vita Settings.  If it doesn't tell you there's an issue with an asterisk than your router supports IP Fragmentation.

It is I think perhaps a big jump in the playability of the PS4 Link over a router and network vs the direct connect.

Once your network connection is looking good make sure you disable direct connect as it doesn't roam well between the two. 

R7000 Nighthawk PS4 Link Review

So my previous foray into Remote Play has been with a cheaper router.  Now I really want to see remote play work, I discussed and coined the term personal cloud several years ago, so in a sense getting the PS4 Link to work with the Vita was a validation of earlier prediction of the direction of the tech world.  I did get it to work more or less on a poor router but I believed there was more performance I was lacking, so I bit the bullet and got a slickdeal on a R7000 at Staples with stacked coupons for around 150.

This is the finest router I've used and I used to work as a Network Admin.  I'd say this is very close to being a server for up to maybe 10 simultaneous users, this guy has a nice chipset with significant RAM and dual Core 1ghz CPU so it handles routing very well while being able to serve files, ftp, http, etc. 

While I don't have any benchmarks, as usual, the upgrade was significant, so different none of my previous optimizations really help.  With R7000 you just give those ports highest QoS and let it run, and it runs.  There are slight slowdowns in very detailed sections with a lot of visual change, but overall it runs perfectly. 

The biggest issue now is the fact that not many games go from TV to Vita well, or as well as they could in terms of layout and gui. I wished Sony duplicated the DS4 in terms of R2, L2, R3, L3, implemented in real buttons the touch screen is only mediocre providing an inconsistent experience in terms of button press reliability.  However, every detail and special effect is recreated on a beautiful screen. I'd recommend NFS Rivals as the best PS4 link experience game.

Lets Recap and Conclude:
  • PS4 Link Graphics visuals screen audio: 9/10
  • PS4 Link Buttons remapping: 6.5/10
  • PS4 Link Responsiveness and IP implementation: 8/10
  • PS4 Link with R7000 Nighthawk: 8.9/10

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

iPad Air Review

So the iPad Air is interesting.  I knew what I was in for moving from androids freedom and inefficencies and data collection to the closed but more optimized and perhaps more private iOS 7.  However, I was surprised by the adaptions of many Android functions including the ability to multi-task.

While devices like the Tegra 3 and Tegra 4 have garnered hype before their release, the iPad Air seems almost anti-climactic.  It brings two features we have already seen in other iOS devices and leaves out things like the fingerprint scanner and 2gbs of RAM.

I will say the RAM is an issue.  Sometimes safari will close but up until that rare point it is the finest mobile browsing experience I have ever utilized.  That's a lot of devices including premium i7 based devices.  Now i7 Laptop with a proper i7 will out power the air, but a lot of the windows tablets don't.  The buttery smoothness of how everything works is impressive.  The screen is accurate and vibrant the chassis is solid.  The biggest issue encountered with wifi is I wasn't able to pull full speed 57mbps from the farthest room in the house, it was 47mbps.

Sometimes I miss the T700 and I did try to buy a T701 first.  I am not unhappy with the decision to go iPad Air.

Seriously the thing just works.  Its like a PS4 that works.