Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Possible TF201 Performance Bottlenecks (aka Why is my Prime Slow?)

here are some consensus ideas and some of my own observations regarding what may cause the TF201 browser to "Wait to Respond" and the overall choppy performance of the Tegra 3 in the TF201, TF300, TF700.  To fix this I've been using the latest version of Opera 12 Labs, but honestly it's not perfect. (I think Adobe should try to make a mobile browser...)

  1. Nvidia Drivers that aren't fully optimized yet
    1. Especially evident when switching performance modes 
    2. Should be addressed in future firmware update
  2. Overly Aggressive Power Gating
    1. Run on performance mode unless you actually need to save the power for something
  3. Slow NAND Storage
    1. This could be an issue with cue length of accessing NAND based Cache
      1. Might be able to solve with Firmware update or by forcing to utilize Fast MicroSD
  4. Browser Parallel Processing Algorithm that is too "passive"
    1. Hopefully ASUS will issue an update that allows for a "performance" browsing mode
    2. The load presented to the Tegra 3 is distributed across multiple cores
    3. But it is a little too hesitant to "drop the hammer" on one to four cores as needed
    4. Snapdragons actually do the opposite running on one core up to full speed more of the time and kicking in the second core when absolutely necessary. 
  5. Android has a way to go
    1. Android is still a phone OS in many ways.  ICS brings the ability to run many apps stably but some lack of features make me miss Desktop based GUIs.
    2. I also think there is a lot of tracking of information and background processes compared to what should be running on a clean full OS. 
      1. We've gotten used to this because of phones
        1. but why do we need to give up such data on a Tablet?
      2. Still light compared to a full OS background load
      3. Perhaps a minor reason iOS is a bit faster is because apps don't load themselves and digest your data on their own
          1. yes I know you opt in but every program asks for way too much data, and google tracks too much. 
          2. Microsoft & Apple doesn't know every app you have on your computers
    3. Needs to be cleaner and sleeker in terms of file management and sophisticated code handling execution
Any other ideas? 

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