Wednesday, April 25, 2012

TF201 GPS Dongle Works!

From inside a metal building
I got my dongle in earlier than expected 4/22/12. It worked GREAT.  It is seamless, once you enable GPS it automatically utilizes the Dongle's Radios.   No GPS Data Transferred via bluetooth, no need for clumsy software. 

I was also impressed with the ASUS packaging of the dongle.  Almost retail in nature.  I wonder if they will sell these in countries where GPS wasn't listed as a feature and who aren't eligible for the Dongle.

I highly recommend taking the stickers off both sides of the dongle.  Other than that it matches your TF201 Color and appears to be made out of plastic with a straight line polish and exposed mini torq screws (I believe).

Cliff Notes:
  • Reboot if you have issues after first use
  • Insanely good GPS Reception -- think 30' within a metal building
  • No software, use it just like onboard GPS
  • Lock is manually actuated vs keyboard
  • Some cases won't fit

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