Wednesday, April 25, 2012

HTC Rezound: Sense 3.6 vs 4.0

I've been hearing a lot about Sense 4.0 for the Rezound.  I thought I'd try it out.  Here's a quick rundown of Sense 3.6 vs 4.0.  Please note I used |||bored|||'s Rez Rom s4 1.2 (4/25/2012) vs his ex 3.4 (4/16/2012) so that I could as best I could isolate sense version as the only different as both of these run on top of the latest ICS leak 4.03. 

Sense 3.6 Pros:
  1. Faster, much much faster
    1. Sense 3.6 was built to run on this hardware natively and it extracts a lot of performance out of Rez Rom
  2. More familiar
    1. Verizon hotspot was included for example, music app feels better
  3. This ROM feels way faster than stock and is more stable than 4.03 leak so far
  4. Little to no battery drain
Sense 4.0 Notes:
  1. Much closer to AOSP
  2. You could see how the interface would be cleaner
  3. I like the pagination launcher employed 
  4. Music app integrates all music providers
    1. e.g. pandora appears as an icon along side of "music"
  5. Overall this felt pretty stable but it just seemed like it was a port of something really designed to run on a different processor with expanded instruction sets
    1. thus its really cool that you get to try it out
    2. its also feels like your phone is running like an emulator
      1. transitions e.g. are choppy
  6. I like the wall papers better
  7. The setup is a little iffy but initial setup program is better looking than 3.6
  8. Very slow on rotation for such apps as camera

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