Friday, October 13, 2017

Genuine Rolex Leather Strap Catalog

I often hear questions about Rolex Leather Straps, not the aftermarket straps but straight from Rolex Leather straps.  Since so many models of Rolex are standard with bracelets or now Oysterflex, there is limited information about Rolex Leather Straps.  For example there is no place on the official Rolex website where you can see all of the different Rolex Leather Straps.

Here are some of the most asked questions:  

Where can I find Rolex Leather Straps?  

Rolex AD is the best way to buy and find Rolex leather straps.  The cost of Rolex leather straps actually fairly reasonable about $180 for Calf and $360 for hand stitched crocodile (for a 16518).

How do I buy Rolex Leather Straps?  

Rolex AD is an easy answer but there is a caveat.  In the same way Rolex will not sell a green bezel for a normal 16610 they will not provide leather straps for watches that are not provided with factory leather.   So you'll need to have a somewhat good relationship with an AD and the model number for your watch, or perhaps you can bring your Rolex in to the AD.

Can I buy a different Rolex Leather Strap than was provided with the watch originally? 

Yes!  There are often various options for each Rolex provided with leather straps.

Is there a catalog of the available leather straps? 

There is a way to find the various leather straps available.  Go into your Rolex AD.  The Rolex AD has access to a network/website where they can enter your watch model number and see the various parts they can purchase for it.  In this Rolex AD parts website click on the strap and you will see the various options of leather straps available for your model.  The Rolex Daytona on leather, which is a great reference has various options available including: small scale crocodile and large black, brown crocodile with and without contrast stitching, various colors of calf leather as well.


One of the springbars will be shouldered, that goes on the non-adjustable end of the clasp.  The other will have no shoulders, that goes on the adjustable side of the clasp.  While both may fit initially removing the springbars in the future will be much more difficult if installed incorrectly.  

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