Thursday, October 26, 2017

Paul Newman's Daytona Live Stream. sold 15.5m + Tax and buyers premium MOST EXPENSIVE WRIST WATCH IN THE WORLD

from Philips

While a lot of exotic dials rolex daytonas are described as Paul Newman Daytona.  One of Paul Newman's own daytonas goes up for auction right now!  Check out the Live Stream here:

Live Blogging:

  • The room is packed, an offsite in Rome and an overflow room is present.  The auctioneer speaks nearly perfect French and Italian.
  • Check out some background
  • A few more lots to go until Lot #8 PN Daytona
  • Lot 6 is at 140k with time to go for a speedmaster 
  • Lot #8 is up, starting with an intro video that is strangely not broadcast on live stream 
  • "The most iconic rolex wrist watch in the world, perhaps the most iconic wrist watch in the world" 
  • opens at 1 million Second bid is at 10 million 
  • up to 12 million, 14 million in increments of 500k to 1m
  • 14.5m going up in 200k-300k increments
  • 15m
  • 15.5m
  • 15.5m gavel up.  hammer price 
  • 15.5m sold exclusive of tax buyers premium. the most expensive watch in the world shattering all records 
  • What will this watch sell for next time?
  • The Rolex Forum is abuzz: 
  • More info on watch from Phillips
    • Price with buyers premium: $17,752,500 

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