Friday, September 22, 2017

Rolex Daytona ARE different sizes. Rolex Daytona Size Differences

I've heard much debate about the size differences between various Rolex Daytonas. I have also seen all sorts of obscure measurements that seem to show the Rolex Daytona is smaller than the 39mm or so. Many of these measurements do not go across the dial through the circumference, some just measure the bezel. The Rolex Daytona is very similar in size to a 5 digit Rolex professional model, but some ARE bigger than others.

 Rolex Daytonas size list in increasing size, smallest to largest: 

 1) Rolex Daytona Stainless Steel from Zenith Daytona to the Ceramic 116500 Daytona all stainless Rolex Daytonas are the smallest of the bunch.

 1a) Rolex Daytona Full Yellow Gold, full gold bezel, full gold bracelet Daytonas are purported to be the same size as Steel Daytonas.

 2) Rolex Daytona Yellow Gold Strap from Zenith (16518) on (116518) are slightly larger than Stainless Daytonas as the bezel does not fully eclipse the case at the "400" tachymeter mark when viewed straight on. The lugs are slightly longer and more symmetrical but not fully symmetrical or "thick" But they are not as big as Platinum Daytona "Platona" or RG/WG.  I believe the 116518 is slightly larger than the 16518.

 3) WG/RG On strap or full gold bracelet are bigger than on Yellow Gold strap and full yellow gold Daytona. I am not sure if this applies to the White Gold strap Daytona Zenith, I will research it more, as that may be the same size as #2. The lugs on these are symmetrical and thick.

3a) Platinum Daytonas are currently the biggest I know of I think it is slightly bigger than the WG/RG Daytonas but they may be the same size, they are certainly bigger than the yellow gold on strap. They are much heavier as well being comprised of 95% platinum. Please see this picture here:

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