Friday, September 7, 2012

Tf700t vs Tf-201 Prime vs Infinity

I just got a tf700t to replace the tf201 through awesome customer service. I also bought a two year warranty so i think it was a classic Michael Scott, win-win-win, situation.  Not worrying about being unlocked and rom'd is awesome!

So i had some reservations with the build quality about the best android tablet of her time, tabby, my old BC tf201 and it seems like ASUS has responded with upgrades in places that were complaining about on XDA: the hdmi, power outlet is reworked as is the microSD slot, forged aluminum chassis, gorilla glass 2 which in the case of the TF700t makes it seem more resistant to shattering through more flexibilty.  Hearing stories of no-fault glass shattering, loose hdmi cable ports, and personally having a tabby that clicked a bit while pressing glass, and losing 32GB sticks these are all welcome things to have more confidence in. 

The screen is better.  Text is fun to read, watching 1080p 3D content over hdmi is fast, crisp and easy.  The sound transferred is excellent I will try out 7.1 audio later to see if its supported. 
The front camera doesn't seem to be an improvement in indoor light.  The rear camera seems to be better than the prime, the speakers are the same.  The tf201 dock fits perfectly as does my old TF201 case.  Between the case rework and the Gorilla Glass 2 I believe there will be less cases of keyboard screen cracking.

The speed seems to be upgraded over the tf201 and more than adequate to play games in 3d 1080p no lag.  Nvidia does a great job with their effects.  Sonic 4 Part 2 THD Longest Title Ever Remix plays fast on screen or on the tablet.  The #d experience is so good and intuitive if you have a 3D TV this will keep you entertained for hours.  I was torn between the Samsung Super Note 10.1 or whatnot and this the upgraded Infinity Eee Pad Transformer Prime, I mean infinity.  Maybe its just the new device high, but I'm glad to have an Infinity!

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