Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Asus TF700T Review

This is a follow up thread to my initial impressions of the "tf700t vs tf-201" with approximately one week of heavy use.  I found myself drawn to this gadget and ended up using it way too much and that's competing against gadget first round draft picks.
I played a lot of 1080p 3D games with my son, which provided hours of entertainment and minimal setup time.  I watched a bunch of videos, some of them may or may not have been streaming.  I used the browser on it, installed browser2ram, browsed multiple RG3 articles, discussion boards, and videos on sites like,, -- not exactly lightweight web pages to render and it was fast.  Though I'm not sure how I feel about it.


I have noticed the tendency for the tablet to lose about half in its benchmarks which is disturbing.  I've done a factory reset and that solves this issue that seems to develop the more accounts and apps I utilize.  I am beginning to think their might be an issue with the NAND management in terms of free space management.  Perhaps an implementation of TRIM would solve this issue.
Coming from a TF201 the major improvements are the case which they turned into one of the best part of the device.  The forged aluminum feels solid and fantastic.  Its the same material just forged instead of stamped which makes the whole device feel highquality, solid, providing a superior tacitile feel. The gorilla glass feels better 2. 

DDR3-1600MHz, ASUS stepped up the RAM Bandwidth big-time.  If other bloggers are to believed, an increase of 1100MHz over the system bus of the TF201.  The overall effect is faster, snappier, Porsche like in its ability to switch desktop screens in track mode. The system feels excellent, I think the extra speed of the T-33 is noticable.  It does seem however that there is still low write speeds on the NAND, but not nearly as bad as was on the tf201.  I will benchmark to confirm.
OK time to get back to real work and life I'll continue to update this post.

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