Tuesday, September 18, 2012

TF700T returns you from TF300T Jelly Bean

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ASUS it seems has noticed the pain of many cross platform adopters of the tf300 Jelly Bean release and found themselves unable to revert to ICS with the same performance, and their new TF700t Firmware returns you to a state where TF700T users can flash either ICS or JB roms on the same bootloader.

I however, have had a little too much Jelly Bean.  Not because of the Android firmware, which was relatively fast for a raw port and sleek but because of the port issues which included 3D HDMI not working, fullscreen 1080p output not working, portrait mode corruption, and no ability to adjust away from the maximum superIPS+ high brightness of the TF700T.  (This resulted in about 4 hours of screen time.) 

The performance is also fully restored through this mode.  AnTuTu tested 13478 on .26 12199 on TF300t Jelly Bean and 13600 on .30.  I'm thankful to have tabby 2 back to her old self (actually slightly faster) self.  As much as I hate privacy invasion presented by dmclient and android I do enjoy this tablet on her stock firmware.

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