Sunday, March 8, 2015

Apple Watch Charges at a Sloth like Rate

Apple knows the story of the hare and tortoise well.  Perhaps that's why Apple's watch has an insanely short useful battery life and a very long charging mechanism.  Instead of the usual quick charges we are looking for and used to the Apple watch foregoes any sort of quick charging opting for an imperfect inductive charging. 

Don't get me wrong inductive charging is a good idea for a watch.  My 20 year old Panasonic razor also has inductive charging and charges in five minutes. 

We have an amazing piece of tech that could replace keys, credit cards, walkie talkies, barometers, and altimeters, many spy devices, instead it barely tells time.

It tells time for 3 hours.  The screen can only be on for 3 hours even during low power compute tasks.  This means that if you are doing more than telling the time for 3 hours you will likely get even less time as you engage the CPU and wireless and storage subsystems.

Then your watch will need to be charged painfully slowly.  PAINFULLY SLOWLY. 

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