Thursday, January 29, 2015

Rolex Price Increase

Some say Rolex had already begun planning for price increases before the de-coupling of the Franc to the Euro.  Now a price increase is a certainty, the question is "how much?"

Here's what we know:

Here are the guesses:

  • 3-5% increase for UK and USA for SS passed only to ADs
  • 5-10% increase for Precious Metal Rolex in USA and UK
  • It has been thought Precious Metal Rolex' will increase the most
    • up to 20% in certain areas as value of precious metals may increase against weak currency.
  • It is theorized there may be another cut in the margin for ADs to discourage discounting and not pass all increases to consumers.
  • Rolex may increase the prices significantly across the board and introduce new technology at the same time. 
  • Prices of used Rolex will increase. 
    • Recently supplanted Rolex' will see the most movement in price as new SS sport models crack 10k, and vintage Rolex' are already sought after and valued highly.
      • 16610, 16710, 16220, etc will likely go up significantly. 

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