Sunday, November 24, 2013

PS Vita Push -- at Best Buy for 169

Sony is pushing the vita and PS4 synergistically with great use of "home cloud" based gaikai streaming aka "remote play".  The PS4 will render its games then stream it to the Vita which the user can play on the go or while the TV is in use, for example on Sundays.

This has reinvigorated the ~20 month old system which has been called by the NYT the best portable gaming system for adults.

Sony has also pushed back the release of the PS4 in Japan till 2014 and instead has released the PS Vita TV in Japan.  It is likely that this will make its way here.  Overall with price drops (NOW ON SALE AT BEST BUY FOR 169, YES I'M YELLING!) and interesting streaming options (which are NOT just limited to in-home wifi) Sony is making an interesting case for the Vita and I'd imagine will move quite a few units in the upcoming months.

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