Tuesday, November 26, 2013

1080p Patches for PS4 - Do they help or hurt Xbox One?

Its been speculated that MSFT has had a hand in asking developers to not release games in 1080p 60hz for PS4 during the review phase.  I believe COD Ghosts and Assassins Creed 4 are used as examples.

The question is does it really help.  I'd say it doesn't.  Here's why.

I play a game for a few minutes then update it to the 1080p remix/patch, and then all the sudden I have a side by side comparison of 1080p vs 720p upscaled to 1080p.  And all the animated gifs in the world wouldn't be as demonstrative of the difference then running it thru the same audio hardware and display. 

To me I was shocked at the difference.  I thought I wouldn't be able to tell 1080p vs 720p upscaled to 1080p, boy was I wrong. 

On my 60" vizio the differences are clear.  Literally clear, the 1080p picture is just crisper and pops, where the 720p upscaled is kind of fuzzy. 

I wouldn't be writing this blog without that patch.  The gifs and youtube videos don't show the fidelity difference based on size and compression.  When you have it on a 60" tv in your face its clear.  The 1080p picture is noticeably clearer.   It's almost like you get a comparison of how much more performance you get with a PS4 on these third party launch games.

I got to say maybe they scored a few reviews where reviewers were claiming little differences in picture because the patches hadn't come out yet, but they showed the people the difference for themselves in a way a review couldn't because of the limitations of the medium. 

Its almost like holding a TF201 vs a TF700 a reviewer can say how clean the text is,  you can get close ups of the icons, but until you actually see it you understand the difference.  Its a small difference where the resolution becomes a non issue and you just see the data displayed without jagged lines, or in the case of the PS4 vs Xbox One you see the sharp clarity in detailed pictures vs a bit of a fuzziness/smoothing effect over everything especially roof details, foliage, etc.. 

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