Friday, December 14, 2012

S.T. Dupont Linge 1 Review / ST Dupont Special Edition Lighter Review

ST Dupont Lighter Review

I've loved S.T. Dupont Lighters since I was in college.  I bought one for my sister for her wedding which I eventually returned and bought her one of those jewelled globes you get in the west indies.  Back to the subject.

This is a Perspective 2000 Limited Edition S.T. Dupont in Palladium.  I bought it in Bordeaux France during 2005 for 212 euro, not a bad price at all! 

The lighter's top flings open after initial resistance, ST Dupont knows exactly what men like, with a satisfying cling.  You light it by flicking the round corner away from you with your thumb.  Flame adjustment is on top and if the top is open it is burning fuel. If the top is down and you hear a slight hiss it is leaking.

The ST Dupont "classic"  line/linge are not wind resistant but they do provide one of the cleanest lighting experiences available.   The lighter itself feels like a solid piece of Palladium and is beautifully machined.   They are gorgeous and function well, albeit a bit thirsty.  If you find something you like for a good price I'd get it. 

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