Wednesday, October 3, 2012

TF700T Jelly Bean Review

Jelly Bean has been released on the TF700T.  While the TF700T is more stable than the TF201 overall, the update is still welcome.  Overall I trust you've read that it's smooth, if not than yes it is smooth.  JB runs better with Force GPU rendering not enabled which is a signal that some thought has gone into the GUI rendering.

System Bar Lock is available for the first time on the TF700T.  This welcome feature of the prime helped ensure seamless gameplay by locking the notification bar from human input until a lock slide has been activated.  Subtle, yes.  Useful, yes.

There are new Setting options including a power saver menu, screen saver option.  Screen Saver is a new feature that will display a folder of videos or photos of your choice selectably upon AC, with 2 choices of animations and a choice of screen saver duration.

Web browsing is responsive and smooth with Browser2Ram installed.  Multiple email preview now appear in notifications.

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