Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I/O Performance Improvements TF201, TF300

If you googled this you already know the TF201 doesn't have the greatest performance in terms of IO. However there is some good news. There have been tweaks made that you can apply now as well as there is some indication that ASUS and Devs are coming together to put down some fantastic numbers in this arena. This means the overall speed of the TF201 should be greatly improved. I wouldn't imagine top throughput speed to be amazingly greater but SQLite should be much faster. About 10X or more.


  1. Do you know any more than this.. etc when we might be blessed with this update ? :)

  2. ASUS has confirmed it and they suggest, as always, "soon". I'm not sure if it will be rolled into a Jelly Bean update or not. Basically you can change some of the lib files and get better performance at the cost of data stability but hopefully ASUS will take what Dev's have found to be issues and actually fix it via drivers rather than just disabling SQLite Sync.