Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Beats Pro Review vs Beats Studios, Beats Mixrs, MDR-700. DJ (Dubstep, Hip Hop) Perspective

I've read a lot of reviews of the DJ oriented Beats Pros but they all seemed to be from very specific paradigms that doesn't really match the target consumer. Most reviews seem to indicate that the Beats Pros are not audiophile grade because they are not "flat" in response, this is absolutely true but that isn't really what they are for. I've also seen reviews suggesting the Pros aren't studio monitors and for most purposes they aren't because they produce colored sound with emphasis on low notes. However, they do provide excellent reproduction of modern dance music played through modern sound systems. 

Beats Pro, PDX-2000, & Limited Edition PMC-007

These head phones are for DJs and perhaps artists who would like to mix for clubs and for that they excel. First they seem to be of very high build quality, I hold off on declaring them durable since I would like several years of experience to declare that, but compared to DJ headphones such as the Sony MDR-700 these seem to be better constructed. They also have a removable cord of low gauge (thick) with coils. In this respect they are perfectly suited to DJing. As the MDR-700s have flip cups these have a flip back cups which hug the back of your head and in practice it is quite good for monitoring the room. I really liked my MDR-700s but the cord eventually "went bad", sad. 

Compared to the Beats Studios these have a cleaner sound that can play louder with less "warmth". Some people may prefer the Studios solos or mixrs (which would be my second choice of Beats) but for clean sound with good separation that is able to play at high volumes with good isolation and without piercing highs (e.g. when djing) these are excellent. In terms of comfort these are built well and barring the use of titanium I can't imagine them being built better lighter. They are likely "Mens" headphones in the same way that >90% of Lamborghini drivers are men. I don't see an issue with weight. They are firm and snug like DJ phones should be, enough so that I've actually hiked with them and worked out with them without any issue-- ellipticalled at some speed and lifted (saving my knees for the ring--hopefully you will see some MMA magic from me soon). The cups are hinged for 360 degrees of movement although not a ton of movement (you can't flip the cups up or over), but they do conform to your head and make a great connection that plays bass heavy and isolates exterior noise. If you have will smith ears they may not be comfortable but for those of us with normal sized ears they will fit well within what I imagine to be 40 or 50mm drivers circular cups. 

The color of the Pro's is very similar to club environments and PA systems with adequate subwoofers, which makes it excellent for beat matching (with clearly defined low notes), and for previewing how your music will actually sound once its live. I hope that I continue to enjoy the pros as much as I currently do. I believe I will barring some unforeseen breakage. The bag is nice but not big enough. 

 These put out great volume with good clarity and great lows. Overall its how I would want my system sounding.

For your background reference I like B&O speakers, Infinities, B&Ws, KEFs, JLs, pro JBL (why is their pro gear so good and consumer shit so shit???), and EVs, I like the sound of larger subs 15" and 18"s. I've compared these against my other DJ Headphones, I often seek 50MM drivers but have had sennhisers low and high end (the ones you see people on TV with, my ex "borrowed" them I think they are Sennheiser HD25-1 II), Sony MdR-600 and MdR700, Bose QC3, and Yamaha's which sound great but break like a Range Rover.

Just a tip buy them at the official monster outlet and there are often coupon codes to stack if you look. I was able to find a 25% off (yeah!), I choose free standard shipping which took a bit over a week but apparently the fedex guy forgot where I lived the first scheduled delivery day. http://www.monstercable.com/outletstore/

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