Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ipad 3 "" is not the best tablet on the market

Contrary to claims, the iPad 3 is not the best on the market unless you define best by highest resolution and your minimum requirements for rf include lte.  I have some serious misgivings about the amount of ram and lack of dedicated vram.  Your talking a million more pixels than HD essentially running off of a phone processor with the minimum ram necessary.  Basically for its price point apple skimped on features that could rival a PC, which is what I would argue a post PC company should aim for.  People need more than a big phone as these pads will replace computers for many.  The lack of an HDMI port is also a big issue for the same reason.
At this point the tegra 3 is a more advanced processor that will run graphics just as fast as iPad 3 (at 1080p) while running circles around the a5x in power management and CPU performance. If the tegra 3 was paired with 2 gbs of DDR3 I believe the tegra 3 would actually outperform the a5x at similar resolutions. 
Apple ticked off the expected improvements from my last post and will wow the world with a display that's perceptibly as sharp as paper in a beautifully well built shell but android tablet makers are going to introduce more powerful tablets at much lower price points and in many different form factors.  Android and w8 are aggressively attacking the gap between the PC and tablets while it seems apple is attacking the gap between paper and tablets at a premium price point. 
Update, I'd love to have had a retina video camera on the iPad.

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