Wednesday, March 21, 2012

First post using TF201 Docking Station

I can't review this because I'm just starting to use this but I can see I'm typing faster than I would on a virtual keyboard.  I attempted to type all the words from racks but I was a little behind and after the thirty repetition of "racks" I decided it was past time to quit.  But what to quit was the question.  A little different then windows but overall this is a slick combo.  The whole package is smaller than a mac book air, and perhaps more powerful than all but the latest generations. 
Overall I haven't hit the touchpad accidentally and although they keyboard has a trackpad I'm finding that I often use the touchpad unless I'm navigating desktop websites or copying text.
This is a really great combination.  I would suggest that Jelly Beans or whatever the next android is should includ support for 2 portrait mode applications running side by side.  The ability to switch between programs by looking at a different part of the screen adds a lot to productivity and is something windows outdoes android with. 

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