Friday, February 27, 2015

Rumored Canadian Price Increase for Rolex

Right now it is much cheaper for an American to buy a Rolex from an Authorized Dealer in Canada versus the USA.  This is in-part due to lower pricing and a stronger dollar.  Even the taxes and duties do not erase the significant price gap. 

Forums report Canadian AD pricing is close to USA grey market prices and suggest that Rolex will correct the price discrepancy to protect USA ADs by increasing the Price of Rolex in Canada to bring them in line with USA pricing. 

It seems for the moment Rolex is cutting margins in places with strong currency and raising prices for other areas to have a more level field.  Japan and Eurozone had cheaper Rolex prices than USA and still do to some extent but the prices in those areas have been raised and take a good amount of the potential savings from buying a Rolex in those areas. 

It is also interesting to note Patek is doing the opposite.  They are keeping the prices firm in the areas with weak currency and adjusting the prices lower for stronger currency areas such as the USA.  In essence Patek just cut the prices of their watches for the USA, something I've never witnessed Rolex do. 

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