Wednesday, February 5, 2014

iPad Air Review

So the iPad Air is interesting.  I knew what I was in for moving from androids freedom and inefficencies and data collection to the closed but more optimized and perhaps more private iOS 7.  However, I was surprised by the adaptions of many Android functions including the ability to multi-task.

While devices like the Tegra 3 and Tegra 4 have garnered hype before their release, the iPad Air seems almost anti-climactic.  It brings two features we have already seen in other iOS devices and leaves out things like the fingerprint scanner and 2gbs of RAM.

I will say the RAM is an issue.  Sometimes safari will close but up until that rare point it is the finest mobile browsing experience I have ever utilized.  That's a lot of devices including premium i7 based devices.  Now i7 Laptop with a proper i7 will out power the air, but a lot of the windows tablets don't.  The buttery smoothness of how everything works is impressive.  The screen is accurate and vibrant the chassis is solid.  The biggest issue encountered with wifi is I wasn't able to pull full speed 57mbps from the farthest room in the house, it was 47mbps.

Sometimes I miss the T700 and I did try to buy a T701 first.  I am not unhappy with the decision to go iPad Air.

Seriously the thing just works.  Its like a PS4 that works. 

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