Friday, July 19, 2013

Microsoft Windows RT & Surface is Dying-- MSFT Needs to Open Up OS Access

Open letter to Microsoft re Windows RT:

I announced this months ago, if you want to have an impact in this mobile space where Apple and Google are well entrenched you will have to make Windows RT boot on any unlocked device. 

You're not going to lose any sales, these people wouldn't buy your product, at least now, because there's no developer support.  However, developers love unlocking devices and trying new things.  Every device that newly runs Windows RT will not be running a competitor OS.  It's so simple. Now that you're own partners are stopping making the devices Windows RT will have to open up or die and this computing sector is far too important to give up on, even if you have to give the software away.

Microsoft don't give up on Windows RT: open it up, get the developers, point out enhanced privacy and you may just stand a chance at not sucking. 

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