Friday, August 17, 2012

2013 A4 Review: Cliff Notes

  • Beautiful Auto, classic elegant lines, LED pipe/tube headlights, great ass
  • Very well constructed, excellent fit and finish
  • Smooth 8-speed automatic, but I like the DSG in the A3 and others more as its more responsive and provides more power to the wheels
  • Smooth riding car, not as fast as say an A3 which feels more like a go cart 
  • beautiful interior (much better than an A3, not as nice as a Q5),
  • The sunglass holder sucks assuming you're not rocking 1990s vintage oakleys
I'll get some pictures up, its a really pretty car, the best looking A4/80 ever.  Really looks as good as an A5 and that says a lot.

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