Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A5X or A6 iPad 3/iPad HD expect a big improvement in gpu compute performance

With ICS we are already seeing smooth mobile gpu rendering in more (2d) tasks but the next generation of high performance low power devices will utilize gpgpu and offload tasks far more often to the gpu. This will make mobile devices much more capable if executed properly. 
There are rumors that the ipad 3/hd will be a dual core soc with greatly improved gpu capability.  The rumors make sense at this point, that apple would focus on an improved gpu to not only keep up with the pixel requirements of the new retina displays (great implementation Jobs) but actually be bolstered enough to take on an expanded role in the mobile compute requirements and 2D rendering in applications such as html5.  I think the addition of enhanced gpu cores & vram or a much faster ram path to gpu is more likely than a quad core CPU or an lte radio, although they would both be welcome.
The tegra 3 the rumors would suggest is likely to be more powerful as a CPU, less power from the gpu as compared to a5x/a6 iPad 3/HD soc.  At this point both would are well optimized for their current respective OS bottlenecks. I'd expect 1gb of ram but 2gb would be welcome with the high resolution rendering requirements of the iPad 3. 
I think we are about a year away from mobile gpgpu implementation, it will be interesting to see if the iPad HD will be able to execute gpgpu tasks in future iOS releases.

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