Monday, June 30, 2014


IVR or intelligent voice response or interactive voice response is a sophisticated tool that can respond to user input. 

This technology is incredibly powerful but often misused making it incredibly annoying.  Wells Fargo makes you verify yourself multiple times and presents unrequested information before allowing you to reach an operator or enter menu options.  If you have to ask a consumer the same questions during the same call the Customer Experience (CX) has failed. 

If I hear another "Listen Closely as Our Menu Options Have Changed", I will throw an old phone off a bridge.  It is insane to me that people leverage this advanced tech with such stupidity.

Such uninspired menu options proves technology without intelligent implementation is useless.  Even with IBM's Watson powering solutions, if you have a poorly designed script the Customer Experience will be lacking.   Perhaps furthering the adage that poorly designed products kill Customer Experience. 

They'd be better off just putting an operator on the phone if you utilize poor IVR scripts.  IVR scripts should emulate the ATM which is incredibly efficient at providing users most banking options which proves the case that automated systems can actually improve customer experience if they can be fast and efficient at providing useful information.